The Why of A Golden Future

Hello, my name is KL Chang. I developed and maintain a Spiritual Positive Mindset for A Golden Future website for those who want to understand the:

  • purpose of life,
  • the ‘real’ you,
  • the role of spirituality and
  • developing a positive outlook on life.

Why? There are a lot of unhappy people who are not happy with themselves: either with their life, the way they look, their relationships, work, money, achievement and you can add any unhappiness you have here. Not all are bad, by the way.

With the information on this website, I hope it can help you to accept who you are, the wonderful and the one and only one special YOU, as it is.

As a result, you can live happily accepting and loving yourself unconditionally, having a more positive life outlook and as such creating a golden future for yourself…a ‘new’, happy, healthy and successful you.

Initially, A Golden Future ( was set up just to share how to make money online from home via affiliate marketing and to practice what I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate. You can check whether a home business is your cup of tea here? Halfway through building the website, I switched direction.

A Golden Future Logo
A Golden Future logo

You will find articles, from books or other resources, that had inspired and helped me in my daily life – such as right understanding of spiritual cultivation, positive mindset, and better relationships – especially the messages from:

  1. Journeys to the Underworld,
  2. The Explanations of The Answers to the Truth, and
  3. “Sutra Spoken by the Sixth Patriarch on the High Seat of the ‘Treasure of the Law’” or more popularly known as “The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch”.

In these books, I learned why I am who I am today and how I and you can elevate or improve our true spiritual self. Below are the reasons why I highly recommended it.

“Journeys to the Underworld”

It was said to be a true record of a deity accompanying a person’s soul by the name of Yang Sheng to tour the Underworld or Hell so that we know what Hell is all about. Its sole purpose was to educate and forewarn us before it happens to us. Do you want to know why most of the soul goes there?

You can really see the “Law of Cause and Effect” at work here. Whatever we do, be it good or bad, there will be the effect or consequences. It takes 62 journeys and almost 2 years time, from Sept 1976 to July 1978, to complete this book. Whether you believe or not, does not really matter – just like gravity. But what if, I say if, whatever written is true? Give it a thought.

Actually, there is another book called “The Journeys to Heaven” in Chinese. However, I think nobody translates it into English because I cannot find it anywhere. Otherwise, we can at least know how Heaven is like. Is Heaven something like the Underworld where there are different divisions to rewards those who do various types of good deeds and managed to purify their mind to a certain extent?

Explanations of
The Answers to the Truth

This is a book I accidentally found at a book printing office. It is a Q & A on spiritual life and the origin and mission of Tien-Tao. It answers a lot of the questions I have on life and why we are here on Earth and it gives me a deeper spiritual understanding generally. It is not easy to understand this book especially the Concept and the terms used. 

However, since all the questions are answered by the same deity as the “Journeys to the Underworld”, I found that the answers being given did not deviate from the Truth of most of the major religions of the world. Some people, I think, may not agree with some of the answers, but I feel it still serves as guidelines for you and me to cultivate in the right way. At least, we are making the world a better place for everyone and for our future generations.

“Sutra Spoken by the Sixth Patriarch on the High Seat of the ‘Treasure of the Law’”
“The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch”)

This was a book I get from a temple for free. Some good Buddhist printed it for free distribution. It is about the life of Master Wei Lang or Hui Neng, who is the Sixth Patriarch according to Buddhist lineage, and his Sudden School teaching.

After reading this book a few times, I had some realization but I just cannot put a finger on what kind of realization was that. I seem to understand something but it is not really clear. Maybe my spiritual roots were not strong and that is why I cannot understand it. Still, I am sure that those with strong spiritual roots will find this book ‘enlightening’ and definitely will deepen their spiritual understanding or progress.

The book had a lot of Chinese terms – some are names of places/person, date, year, and title. For person name, I normally highlight it with a different color. There are also Pali/Sanskrit terms which may not be easy to understand but there will be an explanation further down. If you are stuck, just Google it. Persist and you will be rewarded spiritually.

I am sharing the above books with you because it had impacted me and deepened my understanding of life real meaning; worldly and spiritually. I hope you too will benefit from it. Once you understand and grasp the Truth of life, it will surely make your life more simple, holistic and meaningful so that you are happier, healthier and have more success from the spiritual perspective. Why? You know who you are now.

The First Thing to a Golden Future

The first thing is to know who you are, as stated above. What makes you and what is it you want in life…that is your why? This is true be it for your worldly or spiritual life. With a clear why your life will be easier. Otherwise, it will be a bit harder and more roundabout.


Do you have one now? If not, I suggest you start by asking yourself what you want to achieve in your life? Then write down the reasons you want to do that. That will be the whys of your life. I purposely oversimplified the process here but it is a good start.

I think you would want a career/job that you enjoy working in. You would also want healthy and happy relationships, with your family, spouse, children, relatives, and friends.  You would also want wealth and success. As stated above, you can evaluate whether you are suitable to start your own business.

Well, I totally agree that you have to dream big, but keep it SMART (the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). Your dream will give you the motivation and hopes to go on pursuing your dream, even when you do not feel like it.

The Real Meaning of a Golden Future

A golden future is more for spiritual achievement and not so much of your physical achievement in this world, which does not really prove anything once you really understand the Truth of Life.

As you know, life is not perfect. You will have your ups and downs. What do you realize and learned from all these experiences? Do it ever cross your mind that your current life is just one of the many we had experienced?

Whatever your future dream looks like and whatever your life experiences are, it all happens for a reason.

I repeat that again, whatever happens to you now, does not just happen…it all happens for a reason.

Co-Create your Future

You can co-create your future no matter what your situation is now. You are in control of your future even though not totally. Let go of your past because whatever happened cannot be undone. Be grateful for the present and whatever you have.

You are born with a certain personality, characteristics, habits, and talents. The people around you now, have a very deep affinity with you. Otherwise, they will not be here together with you. You can say that it was fated.



From numerology, astrology, palmistry, face reading, and so on, you know that you have a unique and special life that only you have. If you go with the flow of your life, your life will be easier for you. If not, you will have a more ‘difficult’ life. But that does not mean it is cast in stone.

Some people are born with flair to be a salesperson. Others are more technically inclined. Some are very creative and artistic. Some are good with numbers. You get the drift. Then make full use of your ‘gifted’ talents. Do you know what is your talent/s?

You can even start your own business if it is one of your dream or desire. It is easy to start one especially an online one. As long as you have a passion, hobby or interest, you can learn it here.

However, it may be easy to start but it is not as easy to succeed. You have to put in the effort to learn and work at your business with persistence and determination until your dream become reality.

Final Word on a Golden Future

When we meet with life challenges, be it our work, career, relationships or monetary, it is better to have a positive attitude than a negative one. Always remember your ‘big dream’. It will keep you motivated.

Always stay calm and positive. Assess the situations and make a decision on the next best strategy. I am sure you will make a better decision and come out a better person. Most important, remember your purpose in life.

Remember, a golden future is more about your spiritual achievement than worldly.


However, having said that, it does not means that you do not care about your worldly pursuit and just focus on spiritual achievement. You still need to earn income to live, right?

Just make sure you live your life and earn money the right way. Achieve success in the correct way. It is not worth doing it the other way. The price to pay is just too much…totally and absolutely not worth it.

Just for your information, the average life of a male is only 67 years and 71.1 years for females for 2016 according to The World Fact-book (Source). Life is short and impermanent.

As for your soul or spirit, nobody knows how long it had been in this world. Only Almighty knows.

Just give it a thought.

I will appreciate your comment.

Thank you for reading.


By copying the books,
Journey to the Underworld“, 
The Answers to the Truth“, and
The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch
if there are any omissions, additions,  or mistakes, I beg for forgiveness from the publisher and especially Almighty, Buddhas, Saints, and Sages

While copying, I may have copied wrongly, altered the meanings, omitted phrases, words, or sentences than the originally intended. It is not my intention to do so. However, I do add some images to make it more “alive”.

As such, I will be pleased if readers can point out my mistakes and forgive my carelessness.

May Almighty bless all.

4 thoughts on “The Why of A Golden Future”

  1. Hi Mr Chang,
    I noticed that question 20. What is the meaning of the statement “The golden rooster crows three times,” often mentioned in Scriptures and lectures? is missing.
    It brings me to this page instead. Or is there another link?

    By the way, thanks for sharing this book, it’s wonderful, makes alot of sense to me now about the similarities in religions and how all share the same roots. 🙂

    1. Hi, Mr. Kevin,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      I checked and the link is still there but just ‘refuse’ to follow instructions. Anyway, I re-do the link again and it should be OK now. Try it here.

      I am glad this book is of help to you spiritually. Actually, I will say it is due to your strong affinity with the past saints and sages that it makes a lot of sense to you. Congratulations and keep reading.

      All the best and may Almighty bless you and your loved ones.
      KL Chang

  2. Hul
    Many people are looking for, “Where did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I going?” and it’s a question that I feel everyone should be considering. Thank you for giving some direction to those very important questions.

    Finding the answers Definitely changes how a person feels about themselves and other people, as well. Keep your heart open for that truth because it is So Very surprising, my friend. So very, very wonderful.

    ~ Yaya

    1. Yaya, thank you for leaving a comment here.
      Appreciate it very much and you are right.

      Most of the time, if the person gets the message, it means that the person is ready for a deeper spiritual pursuit. Nowadays, a lot of people are more into material pursuit but at the end, when they have all the materials, they felt an ’emptiness’ inside them, something lacking, something not fulfilled. Most of the time it is the spiritual aspect. It is a known fact that nobody can bring anything (material things including whatever they love) with them when they died, sorry for the straightforwardness, but only their merit and sin.

      I dare not say that I give them some direction but most of the time, they realise it themselves because they are ready. They just need a reminder, that is all. You are right again when you said that we should keep our heart open for the Truth (common in most religions, not necessarily just a particular religion). Surprising? Yes. Wonderful? Yes. Easy? No.

      The secret lies in the Bible, also in the Quran, especially the cross.

      Thanks again, Yaya and all the best to you and your loved one.
      May God bless all of you.

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