Journey No. 51 – Touring the Ninth Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 51       3rd Moon 29th Day (5th May 1978)

Touring the Ninth Tribunal –
Meeting Ping Deng Wang

Now that we have finished touring the Eighth Tribunal we will next tour the Ninth Tribunal to see the punishment being meted out to sinful souls. Yang Sheng, quickly gets up on the lotus flower platform.

Yang Sheng:
Today we commence touring the Ninth Tribunal and soon we will finish writing our Book, Diyu Youji and then our burden will be lifted. Continue reading “Journey No. 51 – Touring the Ninth Tribunal”

Journey No. 50 – Touring the Small Prison for Amputating Limbs

JOURNEY No. 50       3rd Moon 6th Day (12th April 1978)

Touring the Small Prison for Amputating Limbs

If a person revives after his supposed death, the revival can be said to be “life after death”; but if a living person dies, then his death is a true death. Something gained is usually at the expense of something lost. This is the result of transmigration. When two small children both grow up together they tend, initially to be good-natured and Continue reading “Journey No. 50 – Touring the Small Prison for Amputating Limbs”

Journey No. 49 – Touring Meat-Jam Prison

JOURNEY No. 49       3rd Moon 1st Day (7th April 1978)

Touring “Meat-Jam Prison”

I have received the Order that our Book, “Diyu Youji,” must be completed within this year by the Mooncake Festival (8th Moon 15th Day). This Old Monk is most impatient to complete this allotted job because, after the specified time, no one, not even you, Yang Sheng, can be allowed to follow me to Hades. Continue reading “Journey No. 49 – Touring Meat-Jam Prison”

Journey No. 48 – Touring the Eighth Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 48       2nd Moon 16th Day (24th March 1978)

Touring the Eighth Tribunal – Interviewing Dou Shi Wang

The brightness of the moon is intense but does not affect the eyes. This brightness is called the “brightness of nature”. Those who are devout ascetic practitioners have hearts which are able to receive the reflection of this brightness. This means that their hearts are sincere and pure – not a spot of dirt or dirtiness – quiet, peaceful, brilliant. The reflection in the heart, although static, is in fact quite movable, Continue reading “Journey No. 48 – Touring the Eighth Tribunal”

Journey No. 47 – Touring Pulling-Out-Tongue and Piercing-Cheek Small Prison

JOURNEY No. 47      2nd Moon 3rd Day (11th March 1978)

Touring “Pulling-Out-Tongue and Piercing-Cheek” Small Prison

Human beings must understand that life is not forever. The biggest and tallest buildings are only for the temporary shelter of people because people cannot live forever; if one’s limb becomes stiff, i.e. life is extinct, the children will have to remove the body to another place. In China’s Yangtze River the waves behind push the waves in front into the sea; Continue reading “Journey No. 47 – Touring Pulling-Out-Tongue and Piercing-Cheek Small Prison”