Introduction II: Concept of the Cosmos

Tien-Tao’s concept of the cosmos

Originated from I Ching, which advocates the noble Truth of Tao: the material world is originated from the Void, the essence of the Void is Tao, and Tao is God.

I Ching describes the principles of Changes – I.
I consists of three different characteristics:
Non-change, Change, and Interaction.

The Non-change, the everlasting and absolute Truth in the cosmos, is the law of nature in Heaven, physical phenomena on Earth, True Self and moral principles in mankind, and rationality in matters.

The Change is the principle of yin and yang.

Yin & Yang

The Interaction is the rules governing changes between yin and yang, which is the manifestation of the Truth in the cosmos.

Due to these distinct characteristics, the cosmos can be classified into Li-tien, Qi-tien, and Xiang-tien. 9

The world has beginning and end just like mankind has birth and death. When the world begins, Qi-tien 9, 12 is created from Li-tien, 9, 11 and then Xiang-tien 9, 13 from Qi-tien.

When the world ends, Xiang-tien will destruct first, and then Qi-tien. Li-tien will never destruct.

From the images and events in the material world, one can induce fate. From fate, one can induce Qi. Since Qi comes directly from Tao, one can induce the Truth from Qi.

The following three questions and answers are devoted to explicit discussions of this subject.

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