Foreword by Mr. Guo

Tlen-tao, the way of returning to Xian-tien10, is the true conveyance of the Truth. Tien-Tao encompasses the doctrines of the three great religions and serves as a lifeboat to save the world. In recent years, humans are not as innocent as their ancient ancestors, and morality has been trenching down. This decline in morality culminates in catastrophes that exceed historic proportion and cause suffering to all souls.


God, out of His utmost benevolence, cannot bear destroying the good along with the evil. So He descended Tien-Tao in the eastern part of Shandong Province, China to propagate the mystic Truth. Thus Tien-Tao will make Heaven reappear on Earth and recover the true doctrine of Confucianism.

Tien-Tao promotes the Truth taught by the Saints and reveals the Origin of mankind.

Tien-Tao is like a pillar standing firm in the rapid, stemming and reversing the trend of declining morality. Like the evening drum or the morning bell, it awakens the world to restore the order of human relationships.

It wills to awaken the fool and the lost and to effect a sudden reversal of the corrupted customs. It hopes to see a purified society, like that in the time of Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun. When all these are achieved, all would live in prosperity and comfort, and the world of the Pure Land will reappear before the end of the world.

Pure Land - a new beginning

Unfortunately, people are so lost in their pursuit of materialism and desires; they still indulge in fame and fortune, and deploy shrewdness and trickeries. This has gotten worse every day. These kinds of people are everywhere and the virtues once so honored are no longer held in respect.

The future of mankind is really in dire shape. If salvation is not brought to this world now, lives and souls in billions will suffer deeply, and the muddy society can never become clear again. However,

Tao is very obscure and difficult to comprehend.

When we hear It, not only the incomprehensible mystic Truth could not be understood, Tien-Tao remains unclear. Some even mistakenly label Tao as heresy or superstition. Their ignorance generates so many doubts and questions that even Saints and Buddhas may find difficulty in enlightening them.

Realizing this situation, out of his mercifulness, our Enlightened Teacher Huo-Fo Shi-Zun listed various doubts and asked us to explain and organize them. Huo-Fo Shi-Zun edited our work through Fu-luan23 and answered over ten questions in the first half. Additionally, he wrote the entire second half of this book.

The entire work was completed in several months and was given the title The Answers to the Truth. The teachings of Tien-Tao, such as the doctrines of the three great religions are depicted in great detail. Readers can now acquire a full understanding of Tien-Tao. This book is truly a revelation of the mystic Truth and the essence of the Saints which awakes the world.

Huo-Fo Shi-Zun commanded me to write this foreword and state the reason for writing this book. However, I feel my knowledge is inadequate and my writing crude. I will be honored if readers make suggestions and enhancements.

Guo Ting-dong
Qing-Gang Public Altar of God
The Month of Peach
March of the Chinese Lunar Calendar
The Year of Ding-Chou
The Twenty-Sixth Year of Republic of China.

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