Is Home Business For You?

You Want A Change?
To Generate Passive Income?
Is Home Business For You?
Are you ready?

Are you toying with the idea of starting a business, especially an online one, or home biz, that can generate passive income or extra money in a relatively short time…without much effort on your part and best with no or a very low investment?

However, change needs courage. Are you prepared mentally for the challenges of change from 9 to 5 job (just over broke) to a business owner?

Is that why you are on the many lists of online ‘gurus’…downloading a hoard of eBooks related to online marketing in the hope of finding a system or an opportunity that can exactly let you do that?

My Story

Well…I do…and I have been doing it for years. I have a lot of eBooks ‘sitting’ on my hard disk without even actually making use of it.

Most of the eBooks are quite general in their particular subject and are more like a promotion tool to promote their products or affiliate programs. Actually, there is nothing wrong with this. It is a normal strategy to get leads.

I have been to a three days Making Money Online course, costing around $1,500 that teaches more about success mindset, how to build a website and brainstorm for ideas on ways to make money online. While, the Science of Getting Rich course emphasizes the law of attractions, creativity and taking directed action.

I was hoping to find an opportunity that can make me money AUTOMATICALLY while I am sleeping…with NO or LITTLE EFFORT and at an affordable investment (preferably free or at a low price, lol). And you know what…THERE IS NO SUCH SYSTEM. Yup, you read it right…there is no such system. I have been searching and looking for it for years.

Welcome back to REALITY. If there were such a system, a lot of people would be rich by now…traveling all around the world, relaxing at the beach-side enjoying the sunset and only checking in once a while on the sales they make online…no need to go to university to study for a degree.

Generate Passive Income…Is it Possible?

There may be a lucky few who made it and become very successful but it is very…very…rare, well not in the beginning anyway. Most have to discipline themselves and work their butt off to achieve what they have achieved today.

Some opportunities are better than the other but still, you need to put in some kind of effort and most do not come cheap. There are always up sell, down sell, cross-sell and whatever there are, eventually leading to a high-ticket event/course where you have to pay through your nose…and you may not make any money after going through all the courses. NO GUARANTEE either. Why?

In the end, it still depends on YOU, whether you take any action and work hard and persevere. And … you must be very disciplined. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. 

Worse, a lot had been scammed. Not only that they did not make any money, but they also lose more and in the end realizing that there is no such thing as free lunch. Well, at least they learn something. I am not saying that all of them are like that but there are just…many. So, be careful…caveat emptor.

So, the answer to the above question is a big YES. However, just gathering information and not taking any action will not generate you any passive income.

Effort, consistency, persistence, perseverance, and laser focus goal are some of the keys to a successful business. Another very important key is discipline. Are you disciplined enough to lead yourself to success?

Now come back to you. Do you really want to generate passive income?

Do you really…really want to generate passive income?

A Golden Future - Generate Passive Income

Your Why Why You Want To Generate Passive Income?

How about you? What exactly are you looking for or want to achieve?
Do you have the ability to start a business…online or offline?
Is your desire or your why strong enough?
What is stopping you? What is your worry or fear?
Well, there has to be some reason why you did not take any action thus far?
What motivates and excites you? What makes you happy?

I would love to hear from you your takes (feel free to leave a comment). By sharing, you may unintentionally help out people in the same situation.

Before starting anything, you must know your WHY. It is so important I will be repeating myself here. I do not want you to waste your hard earned money, without taking any positive or constructive action later, especially without knowing your why.

I want to see you become successful in your life, in whatever proper that you do, not only in online business.

Have you at any one time thought about any of these?

  1. To make more money to supplement your main income,
  2. Freedom to do what you love,
  3. To generate passive income,
  4. To have some control of your life,
  5. Turning your skill, interest, and passion into saleable products or information products, or
  6. To create a presence and help or share with people your expertise i.e doing something meaningful to help and inspire people or just simply to leave a legacy.

You will achieve more and become successful faster if you know what you want and why you want to do it. Without knowing your why, the chances of you becoming successful are very low. You will give up very easily when you meet with challenges, difficulties, and boredom later on.

A Golden Future - Getting Started - Your Why?

If you are sure about what you want or your passion or your why, the next step is just getting started, just do it and start creating your dream. Do not wait…if not now, when? The longer you delay or postponing your dream, the chances are…you will not start at all.

It is actually a process of self-discovery for you too. You will know whether you are cut out for business, whether online or offline. Even though persistence, perseverance, focus, determination, and discipline are critical keys to success in any business;  knowing your why, plus a positive mindset helps a lot in making the road to success bearable and more meaningful.

Getting Started

  1. What should I do first? Do I really need a website? 

    Well, you definitely need a website. You can get it for free or you can purchase your domain name and host it with a hosting company of your choice.

  2. Free and paid – what is the difference?

    Well…with the free option, the website does not belong to you and the hosting company can literally do whatever they want with your site…even shutting it down. There goes all your hard work, effort and time.

    With the paid option, the website will forever belong to you especially when you are serious about starting a business…so long as you renew the subscription. You have more control because you are in charge. You are the CEO. Compared to a brick and mortar business, online business is very much more affordable, easier to start and is accessible worldwide.

  3. What if I am not sure whether online marketing is for me? Do I have to make any payment to learn?

    If you are not sure, my advice is that you can check out Wealthy Affiliate for a free trial. No payment required. But, please, within that free period, put in the effort to learn. This is the only period you can check out most of the facilities and tools available before making your decision. Make full use of it and if you think this is not for you, you can cancel it anytime. No problem. Just leave.

    However, if you want to continue building your free website, you can remain as a free or starter member for 6 months but you will not be able to enjoy the full benefits…like access to all the practical written and video lessons, helps from the wonderful and creative community and many others more. You are practically on your own with no support from WA.

  4. Can I really make money from this?

    This depends very much on you and your niche. How fast you learn and the effort you put in will determine how successful you will become. Some of the members make money within 2-3 months after joining but they really burn the midnight oil, follow the lessons step-by-step and stay really focused on building and marketing their site. Perhaps they are also IT savvy or already have some online experiences. The average takes longer, between 6-12 months. People like me take more than that (ha! ha!).

    There are different ways to make money online and becomes successful. We all do it differently too…doing it your way, for example. However, there are some common success ‘secret’ why they successfully generate passive income online.

    (a) They Seek Out ‘Mentor’ To Help and Guide Them

    When they are stuck or do not know what to do, instead of getting frustrated, they will seek out their ‘mentor’ for help and their ‘mentor’ can usually give them direction, maybe some possible solution or other alternatives and they get it fast too.

    So, whom do you seek out to help you when you are stuck?

    (b) The Website/s Belong To Them

    It is very difficult to do online business without your own website. You do not want your business closed down without any warning given, do you? Just imagine, all your hard work and income disappear overnight…and you will have to start all over again which is very time-consuming, tiring and frustrating.

    Why not just start it right in the very beginning?

    Building a website is very easy now in the WordPress platform. You can try out for FREE to build a Wealthy Affiliate’s Siterubix website here. Just enter a name for your FREE website and click the blue button

    (c) They Never Stop Learning and Put Into Practice What They Have Just Learned

    There is a popular phrase in our country within the Chinese community and that is when translated into English, “Life-Long Learning” or triple ‘L’. Simply, we keep learning as long as we live. The same goes for successful people, they never stop learning and they read a lot. The more you learn, the more you know and the more you put into practice, the better you become.

    (d) They Keep Improving and Have A Never Give Up Attitude

    That is why it is important to know your why and your goal. Once you know your direction, it is just a matter of moving (taking action) towards that direction. FOCUS. Keep working at it, no matter what, till you achieve what you have intended. They keep improving in the process and will not give up easily. This is also one of the reasons why they become successful.

    A Golden Future - Getting Started - Action Statement

  5. Do I need to know program coding?

    Well, you don’t have to know programming at all. With WordPress, building a basic website is easy. Just follow the lesson step-by-step and you should not have any problem. If you do have, just ask for help…no problem. In fact, you will find out later, creating the contents of your website and marketing your site takes more effort and time. But this is where you show your expertise, creativity, and ingenuity…and let the world know about you.

  6. When can I start?

You can start anytime. You can read my FULL Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

If you want to share your views or comments, you are most welcome.

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