Journeys to the Underworld – Introduction

This book, in Chinese ‘Diyu Youji’, was originally issued in the Chinese language and was the result of the Deity Jigong bringing the soul of Mr. Yang Sheng, a leading planchette handler of Sheng Xian Tang, Taiwan, to visit Hades on instructions of the Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun). The Jade Edict was issued on the 15th day in the 8th moon (8th September 1976) with the express intention of helping and saving human beings.

Sage JiGong
Sage/Deity JiGong

The visits were completed in 62 journeys, the first being made on the 16th day of the 8th moon (9th September 1976) and the last on the 26th day of the 8th moon (30th July 1978).

Sheng Xian Tang Temple
Sheng Xian Tang Temple, No. 61-1, Chu Shoo South Lane, North District, Taichung Taiwan (400) R.O.C.

The details and conversations of each journey were written in Chinese characters on the planchette board during each planchette session held in Sheng Xian Tang – the words were read aloud and recorded on paper for compilation – a very tedious and time-consuming process. The visits were generally made at night time.

Planchette in Session
Planchette in Session

Because this is not a storybook where the chapters must be read in sequence, each journey is complete in itself, not inter-connected; therefore, narratives of the journeys can be read in any order.

As this book is intended to benefit as many people as possible, it is somewhat ‘selfish’ to read it alone and silently. Therefore, in order that more people can appreciate, understand and benefit thereby, family group reading sessions are recommended, each person taking turns to read out because it is accepted that silent reading is enjoyed only by the individuals, whereas reading out can be heard by others and easily remembered. Going to Hell, go alone; but when taking ‘Journeys to the Underworld’, like reading this book, go in a group, the more the merrier.

February 1987

Lee Teik Chong
Kuala Lumpur

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