Journeys to the Underworld – Jade Edict

YU HUANG DA TIAN ZHUN has instructed that this Directive is about to be issued. He has commanded the God of City to travel 5 miles to wait, and God of Luck to travel 10 miles also to wait for his arrival. All of you must line up quietly to wait for his arrival.

Jin Que Nei Xiang descends from Heaven.
“Tonight I will read the Directive to all of you.
All Saints and human beings must pay respect.”

Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun’s Directive states:-
I, in Heaven, have the intention of helping and saving human beings; and from my place in Heaven, looking towards Earth, the space appears to be filled with yellow dust. The moral obligations of human beings have been lost or thrown away – males do not possess the sense of loyalty and filial piety, while females have lost integrity, chastity, and purity. All seem to think and say that there are no Buddhas and Saints. They do not believe in the existence of spirits and devils. That is why, nowadays, the morals of society have eroded; so human sympathy and justice have been ruined. Looking at the prevailing decadence of humanity, I am greatly distressed, and seeing that the souls of most of the dead have been sent to Hades to undergo more sufferings, I am most eager to give whatever assistance I can to save human beings. My investigations reveal that the organization, Sheng Xian Tang, is very active in trying to save human beings. It devotes a great deal of effort and time to deities as well as its members in an effort to be of service to human beings. This organization has published a magazine known as ‘Sheng Xian Zazhi’ which has helped many readers’ hearts to follow the correct path. Its planchette writing sessions have progressed immensely. All these actions and intentions have helped very much in the furtherance of the sacred doctrine which has now gained great brilliance. That is why I have chosen to give the Edict to Sheng Xian Tang to write the book entitled ‘Diyu Youji’ by commissioning Jigong to guide Yang Sheng to tour the Ten Tribunals of Hades in order to observe and gather the happenings there so as to disclose to human beings, through the book so that they can realize the extent of punishment and sufferings of sinful souls in Hades. These should make those living, to endeavor to lead a better and meaningful life.

This book will be a most unusual kind of book; believing that Sheng Xian Tang and its members are very sincere in their attempt towards human salvation, I have chosen them for this assignment to try and save humanity. I have already directed the Heads of the Ten Tribunals that when Jigong and Yang Sheng come to their respective Tribunals, the gates must be opened for them and they should be given every facility and assistance. Should any Tribunal disobey or refuse to cooperate, I will not hesitate to punish, much less to forgive, the offending Tribunal. The moment I issue this Edict, your planchette sessions will commence and will stop only when all material for the book has been gathered from Hades. All of you have worked hard for Heaven, and after the Book has been completed, published, distributed and circulated, I will assess the results and then dish out the awards and rewards. All of you must follow my instructions and must in no way deviate from them.

Dated: 15th Day of 8th Moon (18th September 1976)


All of us must thank the merciful kindness of Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun for issuing the above Edict.


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