Journeys to the Underworld – Outline of the Book

(Given by Jin Que Zhu Mi)

On the 13th day of 4th Moon in 1978 (19th May 1978)

  1. This book Diyu Youji was written according to the Directive of Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun. The language is very simple but has profound meaning. This book serves ascetic practitioners as well as those who have the intention of leading good and meaningful lives.

  1. If any mistake is found in the book it is due to oversight. It should not be the reason to belittle this book.
  1. This book is the fruits of two years of hard work put in by Saints and human beings and it reveals the secrets of Hades. The laws, regulations, and extent of punishment there, are now made known to human beings. This is a sort of alarm bell to warn and help everyone. I hope you will read it patiently. In this way, you can understand and eventually evaluate the contents of this book.
  1. This book is the result of combined efforts of Heaven, Hades and human beings on Earth. Its merits are equally shared.
  1. The following categories of people will also earn merits:-

    Those who print the book for distribution, irrespective of:
    i) whether they help to print
    ii) whether they ask people to defray the cost
    iii) whether they read the book and explain the benefits to others
    iv) whether they help to distribute the book

    They will have the extent of their earthly sins reduced. If they have already accumulated full merits earlier, then after death, their souls will ascend to Heaven.

  1. Those who pray for long life, honor and rank, quick recovery from sickness, cancellation of their earlier sins or wrongdoings cultivation of morality, the relief of souls from suffering, bliss in the next world, will have their prayers answered, if they contribute to printing or distributing this book as stated in Rule 5 above.

    All such people should pray with joss sticks and explain to:
    a) the God of Kitchen, or
    b) in the Temple, or
    c) to Heaven

    their desires and the good Spirits will then recompense.

  1. Where this book is placed, there will be good Spirits; therefore, make sure that it is kept in a clean and respectable place. Those who slander and slight this book, or obstruct its circulation/distribution, will eventually be sent down to Hades for punishment – there will be no mercy.


It is hoped that all human beings will think positively and will do good wherever and whenever possible.

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