Preface – The Answers to the Truth

The translation of this book – The Answers to the Truth – is commissioned by God (Zhong-Hua Sheng-Mu*). Knowing the difficulties of translation, we, the volunteers, formed a committee to gather ideas. We come from different backgrounds, ranging from medicine, engineering, to business; however, none specializes in literature or languages.

Our motive stemmed purely from our faith in God. Knowing it is the will of the merciful God to make Tien-Tao available to everyone all over the world, we are honored to participate in this important mission, although our knowledge is inadequate. Following our Elder’s instruction, we are determined to work as hard as possible to complete the translation in the shortest time to show our gratefulness to God.

This book, though written in plain wordings, embeds many hidden aspects of the mystic Truth.

It encompasses all teachings of the Saints and Buddhas.

However, since human wisdom has been masked by the karma accumulated over many lives, people have lost Tao and only few can awaken to the Truth. We grouped similar topics together and organized the content in a logical sequence in order to facilitate reading and comprehension. For technical terms and specialized words, we tried to explain them as much as we could.

Since this book is vast and profound, and the essence cannot be fully explained, we attach the original text in Chinese and include the original question number at the end of each question in this work for readers to cross-examine (not applicable in this website because the site owner does not know Chinese).

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Now is the time that all religions – righteous or evil – to flourish. Although each religion segregates itself from others, there is only one Tao and there is only one Truth.

The teachings of Immortals, Buddhas, and Saints all are from the same Origin – Tao

Religions serve to teach people. Since there are differences in places, times, and cultures, the same Origin gives rise to many ends, and consequently, to many religions. However, mankind nowadays is deeply lost and does not know the Truth embedded in the religious doctrines. According to God’s will, Tien-Tao is now made available to everyone and leads all ends (religions and souls) to the Origin.

This opportunity is indeed the most precious, for this chance only comes about for many thousands of years. It’s God will to see this book bridging the cultural differences between the East and the West and converging them into one. Also, through this book, God hopes mankind can find the way to Heaven.

To be prudent, we begged to have our completed work reviewed, corrected, and edited through Fu-luan;23 only after then was this work submitted to print. We hope those who come across this book will contribute to spreading it so others can also benefit.

The Translators
Zhong-Hua Public Altar of God
Los Angeles, California, USA.
The Chou Month of the Year Wu-Chen
The Seventy-seventh Year of Republic of China
Nineteen-hundred and Eighty-eight


* The Holy Mother Zhong-Hua

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