Reincarnation – A Myth? (2)

After reading Reincarnation (1) (if not, you can read it here) I believed you would find it hard to accept the information in the excerpt.

You will surely ask yourself whether it is real? You may think that it is just a makeup story, written by someone that has got nothing else better to do; a myth, a farce.

You may also wonder whether this reincarnation thing is applicable to you since you are of a different faith – of a different religion.

Well, first I want to clarify that I am NOT trying to convert you. I just want to share and give you a different perspective from the conventional, and even the so-called new age, religions.

To me, whatever that was written is really general and just serve as guidelines for us to contemplate and to be aware of. It is not an easy task to assign the effects for every deed that we had done, good or bad.

I am not asking you to believe blindly but to think and analyze yourself. I think you are mature enough to differentiate between good and bad; true or false; real or fake. As written in “2500 Buddha Jayanti“, page 39:

Kalama Sutta

Do not believe in anything (simply) because you have heard it;
Do not believe in traditions, because they been handed down for many generations;
Do not believe in anything, because it is spoken and rumored by many;
Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books;
But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.

Most of us believe in one God or Almighty. If it is so, then how can it be different God for different religions? To me, the Gospel of Truth decreed down by Almighty are applicable to all and are for all.


Here is another excerpt from the book “Journeys to the Underworld” – Journey No. 4 – 8th Moon 26th Day (19th September 1976), and explained by a Master:

TouringWan Jiao Gui Zong

Nowadays, there are five main important religions in the world i.e.

1] Taoism,
2] Islam,
3] Confucianism,
4] Christianity and
5] Buddhism

These are the true religions having the Right Path (Tao) as the source.

Tree of Religions

Originally, there was only one religion but eventually, Heaven sent down the various Sages to teach human beings throughout the world the true religious beliefs.

After the death of these Sages, the followers of one Sage competed with the followers of the other Sages to claim that one particular religion was and is better than any other religions. 

Please note that I am looking at this from a macro viewpoint. I am not going to the micro level. This is because all religions have their own ceremony, belief, practice, culture, rites, and rituals.

As long as it is for the good and benefit of one and all, I have no comment.

The Master of “Wan Jiao Gui Zong” further explains:

There are many kinds of human beings but their hearts are the same.

They are born in various parts of the Earth but when they eventually die all of them will gather in one place – the Underworld.

There are human beings of various colors and races. When hungry all want to eat, and when tired all will want to sleep or rest. Above our heads, there is the sky and under our feet, there is the Earth.

The Sun and the Moon, shine on everything everywhere; human beings, animals, and plants all enjoy the effects and benefits of the Sun and the Moon.

In the world, there are many religions; each one attacking the other saying that only their followers will go to Heaven while the followers of other religions will go to Hell.

Religious people who belittle other religions hope to go to Heaven when they die, but instead, they will be suspended halfway, neither in Heaven nor in Hell – like a caged bird being hung up halfway.

These people think they are already in Heaven but in fact, they are in Hell. They are sinful and cannot save themselves but must depend on others to save them.

When all of you were alive on Earth, each and every one of you expected to go to Heaven after death, but actually, all of you have now fallen into Hell.

When on Earth, all your bodies were of various colors, black, white, brown, red, yellow, etc but after death, only your souls come here.

After death, the bodies with various colors do not come here to Hell – the bodies of various colors are left behind but the heart or souls of only one color come here.

When living you attacked each other and had no love for each other. Therefore where is this meaning of universal love and mercy?

From the beginning of time up to now, the Sun and the Moon have been shining on all human beings, both good and evil.

They will continue to shine on everyone so that their blessings will be on this and future generations irrespective of whether they are good or evil.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, all your souls here must be aroused, must have only one heart to work as one body, and must not attack each other. Now you must spread the teaching ofWan Jiao Gui Zong”.

Gui Zongmeans one heart – all hearts must become one heart and must work towards mutual help and love for each other.

All religions have doors wide open to admit those who believe in any particular religion; although the founders are different, the ultimate aim is the same to teach all to do good.

I hope all human beings will follow this true path so that the troubled world can become happy and peaceful. All the founders of the main religions want to save the souls of human beings but not their bodies.

If all of you can first discover your own innermost hearts and avoid evil doings – then only can you attain happiness, leading eventually to the creation of a united and happy world.

A United and Happy World

Everybody can then become sage-like and attain wisdom. Otherwise, they will fall into Hell to undergo another transmigration of soul….

Further on, Sage JiGong also commented:

Human beings always hold fast to their own wrong beliefs and will not listen to persuasion; therefore, they cannot go to Heaven. Fairies and sages are the mouthpieces of Heaven and therefore they are very fair.

In future, if you are reborn in another country and believe in the religion of that country, do not think that I, JiGong, will not come to your assistance when required. Then only will others know that I am a Sage. This means that I’m not selfish.

I hope that human beings will discard their selfishness and cultivate public-spiritedness, otherwise, their Heaven is only five feet wide – how many people can such a five feet wide Heaven contain?

Can you accept the above explanation?

Is reincarnation true?

Paths of Reincarnation

Just look at the world now. The answer is out there. Why there are rich and poor people, some beautiful/handsome, some ugly … some tall, some short … some smart, some not so smart … some successful, some not so successful … boys, girls … and so on?

Some cannot accept reincarnation because they said it is cruel and not fair. Almighty represents great LOVE and He will not torture and punish people/souls. I can’t dispute that. But sometimes …

To discipline our children that are naughty and rebellious, what would you do? Sometimes, we have to be cruel to be kind. Don’t you agree?

Further, if someone hurts or kills someone you love, how do you feel and what you want to do? How about all the injustices happenings now in the world … war … bombing … killing … robbing … stealing … raping and so on?

Everything happens for a reason and I think it is safe for me to say that whoever you are now is due to your past deeds, be it good or bad. For sure it is not due to Almighty’s favoritism, likes or dislikes.

If you are wealthy now, generally I can assume that you are a very generous or charitable person who had donated a lot in your past life.

If you are poor, maybe you are stingy and calculative in your previous life. This is how reincarnation works and I think it is fair too – to the doer and the receiver. You reap what you sow.

Please note that even though I believe in reincarnation, I respect differing perception, opinion, and views from you. Kindly share.

Next, we are going on to ‘Fate – Is our life really fated?

Thank you for reading.

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