9. What’s the meaning “Man and Heaven are united?”

Man lives between Heaven and Earth. Mankind is a trichotomy, comprising and unifying the Li, Qi, and Xiang. 9

Man and Heaven are united?

The human body (Xiang) comes from the sperm and egg of the parents. The body grows as it receives yang Qi and yin Qi from Qi-tien. 9, 12 The True Self (Li) is the Truth of the Void. Continue reading “9. What’s the meaning “Man and Heaven are united?””

Introduction III: The Unification of Man and the Cosmos

The unification of man and the cosmos means that human is not only closely related to the cosmos, the man himself is also a miniature cosmos.

I Ching and Taoism have systematically explained the relationship between mankind and Tao.

Nowadays people have difficulty comprehending this relationship, owing to the fact that the soul is being masked by the Qi of Hou-tien 10 and the pursuit of materialism. Continue reading “Introduction III: The Unification of Man and the Cosmos”

Introduction II: Concept of the Cosmos

Tien-Tao’s concept of the cosmos

Originated from I Ching, which advocates the noble Truth of Tao: the material world is originated from the Void, the essence of the Void is Tao, and Tao is God.

I Ching describes the principles of Changes – I.
I consists of three different characteristics:
Non-change, Change, and Interaction. Continue reading “Introduction II: Concept of the Cosmos”

2. Tao’s Divinity

Tao created the cosmos. Tao and Its changes subsist throughout the cosmos. All changes in the cosmos are the manifestation of Tao’s existence. Mankind and all other beings originate from Tao and rely on It for their developments.

Tao is the Lord of the cosmos, the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Continue reading “2. Tao’s Divinity”

Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao

Part One: The Theories

The True Meaning of Tao

Tien-Tao is being descended to reveal to mankind that Tao is the Absolute Truth. Tao exists before Heaven and Earth. It will still exist after the destruction of Heaven and Earth. It is everlasting. Continue reading “Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao”