18. Does the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth exist?

The mutual interactions between mankind and other substances or beings will create a force that determines the fate, and this force is called karma.

What a person does, says, and thinks
are called
the karma force of actions,
the karma force of words, and
the karma force of thoughts,

These karma forces will induce suffering or happiness to others. The reactions of the others due to these karma forces will recoil back upon oneself and will be one’s own suffering or happiness. Continue reading “18. Does the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth exist?”

Journeys to the Underworld – Jade Edict

YU HUANG DA TIAN ZHUN has instructed that this Directive is about to be issued. He has commanded the God of City to travel 5 miles to wait, and God of Luck to travel 10 miles also to wait for his arrival. All of you must line up quietly to wait for his arrival.

Jin Que Nei Xiang descends from Heaven.
“Tonight I will read the Directive to all of you.
All Saints and human beings must pay respect.” Continue reading “Journeys to the Underworld – Jade Edict”