Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 15        10th Moon 9th Day (29th November 1976)

Touring the Third Tribunal
Paying Respects to Song Di Wang

We are now going to tour the Third Tribunal. Inside each Tribunal there are various prisons for sinners, but although we have to visit all the Tribunals we will only tour or pay greater attention to the more important prisons of each Tribunal because we do not have enough Continue reading “Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal”

Journey No. 6 – Touring the Magic Mirror Pavilion

JOURNEY No. 6        Intercalary 8th Moon 6th Day (29th September 1976)

Touring the “Magic Mirror Pavilion”

The time has now come for us to tour the Underworld again. Yang Sheng, please be prepared to go.

Yang Sheng:
Yes, Master, I am ready; let us proceed….. Continue reading “Journey No. 6 – Touring the Magic Mirror Pavilion”