4. What’s the Objective of Tien-Tao?

The objectives of Tien-Tao are as follows:

  • to spread the Absolute Truth of the cosmos;
  • worship the Lord of all souls;
  • respect Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng; 6
  • follow the laws of the land;
  • be patriotic;
  • be responsible;
  • restore the Five Bonds and Eight Cardinal Virtues 7 of morality;
  • respect and be obedient to parents;
  • honor teachers and esteem Tao;
  • be trustworthy;
  • live harmoniously with neighbors; and
  • rid of bad habits and become good in all respects.

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Journey No. 42 – Touring the Seventh Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 42       11th Moon 16th Day (26th December 1977)

Touring the Seventh Tribunal
Interviewing Tai Shan Wang of the Prison of Red Hot Bricks

In the ancient book called “Yu Li Bao Chao Quan Shi Wen,” the author was ordered by “Tian Di” that his soul should tour Hades. Tian Di instructed him to write the Book after he had completed his tour of Hades in order to teach human beings to do more good than evil. Nowadays, the world has changed for the worse; so accordingly the Continue reading “Journey No. 42 – Touring the Seventh Tribunal”

Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 15        10th Moon 9th Day (29th November 1976)

Touring the Third Tribunal
Paying Respects to Song Di Wang

We are now going to tour the Third Tribunal. Inside each Tribunal there are various prisons for sinners, but although we have to visit all the Tribunals we will only tour or pay greater attention to the more important prisons of each Tribunal because we do not have enough Continue reading “Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal”

Journeys to the Underworld – Jade Edict

YU HUANG DA TIAN ZHUN has instructed that this Directive is about to be issued. He has commanded the God of City to travel 5 miles to wait, and God of Luck to travel 10 miles also to wait for his arrival. All of you must line up quietly to wait for his arrival.

Jin Que Nei Xiang descends from Heaven.
“Tonight I will read the Directive to all of you.
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