Journeys to the Underworld – Outline of the Book

(Given by Jin Que Zhu Mi)

On the 13th day of 4th Moon in 1978 (19th May 1978)

  1. This book Diyu Youji was written according to the Directive of Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun. The language is very simple but has profound meaning. This book serves ascetic practitioners as well as those who have the intention of leading good and meaningful lives.

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Journeys to the Underworld – Introduction

This book, in Chinese ‘Diyu Youji’, was originally issued in the Chinese language and was the result of the Deity Jigong bringing the soul of Mr. Yang Sheng, a leading planchette handler of Sheng Xian Tang, Taiwan, to visit Hades on instructions of the Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Da Tian Zhun). The Jade Edict was issued on the 15th day in the 8th moon (8th September 1976) with the express intention of helping and saving human beings. Continue reading “Journeys to the Underworld – Introduction”

Journeys to the Underworld – Publisher’s Preface

The purpose of rendering this Book in the English language is to enable English educated people, especially of Chinese origin, to understand what happens to one’s soul after death. If a percentage of readers can realize that it pays to do more good deeds, when still alive, then our humble attempt is achieved. Continue reading “Journeys to the Underworld – Publisher’s Preface”