Journey No. 49 – Touring Meat-Jam Prison

JOURNEY No. 49       3rd Moon 1st Day (7th April 1978)

Touring “Meat-Jam Prison”

I have received the Order that our Book, “Diyu Youji,” must be completed within this year by the Mooncake Festival (8th Moon 15th Day). This Old Monk is most impatient to complete this allotted job because, after the specified time, no one, not even you, Yang Sheng, can be allowed to follow me to Hades. Continue reading “Journey No. 49 – Touring Meat-Jam Prison”

Journey No. 41 – Touring City Temples of Hades

JOURNEY No. 41      10th Moon 29th Day (9th December 1977)

Touring “Cheng Huang Miao” –
City Temple of Hades,
How Souls of the Dead are Brought There.

Today at 12 noon, Huang Wenda, the husband of Lai Sheng Kuan, passed away. This brings me to remark that human life-span is rather short. Human beings are prone to discuss in detail, however small it may be; so why bother about life? When the beating of the heart stops, everything is brought to an end, then where would the money and children and worldly Continue reading “Journey No. 41 – Touring City Temples of Hades”