36. The Heritage of Tao

Before the existence of mankind, the power of creating mankind was on Tao. After mankind appeared, the duty of human procreation was on mankind.

A human life is formed by combining the physical body with the soul. Souls come from Tao which means that it’s God’s will for souls to be the dominion on Earth.

Thus, we all have missions. Souls are confined in the Hou-tien, 10 which means that souls must be refined in order to escape from the Hou-tien. Continue reading “36. The Heritage of Tao”

Introduction XII: The Heritage of Tao (& Q34 to Q35)

The Heritage of Tao inherits the essence of the Chinese culture. It began with the first Saint of mankind, Fu-xi Shi, and continued until Mencius. Then, the Heritage shifted to the West. Thereafter, the Heritage returned to China by Da-Muo Zu-Shi, and was carried on from one Patriarch to another till now. What the Patriarchs inherit are Tien-Ming, the essence of Tao, and the True Heritage of Tao. Continue reading “Introduction XII: The Heritage of Tao (& Q34 to Q35)”

Introduction XI: Why Tien-Tao descends in China

Part Two: The Heritage

Why Tien-Tao descends in China

Located at the center of the world, China has the oldest civilization and is the most advanced in spiritual development. Hence China is chosen by God as the first place to descend the essence of Tao. Continue reading “Introduction XI: Why Tien-Tao descends in China”