47. How can one accumulate merits after receiving Tien-Tao? (& Q48 to Q49)

The constant maintenance of the True Nature in one’s heart is the virtuous nature. When the virtuous nature is manifested in one’s daily practice, it is the true ethics and morality. If one has Tao but lacks virtues, he is a devil. Confucius said,

“Only with perfect virtues
can a person attain Tao.”

Virtue means to attain Tao. To accumulate merits is the same as to establish one’s virtues. Continue reading “47. How can one accumulate merits after receiving Tien-Tao? (& Q48 to Q49)”

Translators’ Note

Based on God’s Truth to teach people, the Saints of all religions left many Scriptures and Sutras, such as The Four Books and The Five Scriptures of Confucianism, Tao Te Ching and Qingjing Jing of Taoism, The Heart Sutra and The Vajra Sutra among the fifty-four hundred volumes of Sutras of Buddhism, The Bible of Christianity, and The Quran of Islam.

These Scriptures encompass everything and their contents are vast and profound, yet, not many can truly understand them. Seeing that mankind is desperately lost in the sea of suffering, Our Enlightened Teacher Ji-Gong Buddha syncretizes the essence of all Scriptures and Sutras into this book, in the form of questions and answers, to awake the lost, and he names this book The Answers to the Truth. Continue reading “Translators’ Note”