Introduction IX: Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds (& Q23 to Q25)

Tien-Tao brings salvation to the Three Worlds:

  1. mankind,
  2. souls of the deceased in the Underworld, and
  3. deities in the spiritual world.

This special mission of Tien-Tao is very difficult to comprehend. Bringing salvation to mankind is similar to the goals of other religions.

Due to the change of spiritual forces in the cosmos, the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming 1 is descended and the door to Tien-Tao is wide open; therefore anyone may have the opportunity to obtain Tien-Tao if he wishes Continue reading “Introduction IX: Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds (& Q23 to Q25)”

Introduction VIII: The Last Chance

God descended ten Buddhas to govern this Cycle of Heaven and Earth. Nine Buddhas had already passed, leaving the tenth Buddha, Mi-Le Buddha, to amass souls in Long-hua Assemblies. 19

Making Tien-Tao accessible to everyone is a Divine Mission ordained by God and derived from the great merciful vows of Mi-Le Buddha. Continue reading “Introduction VIII: The Last Chance”