Journey No. 10 – Touring the Second Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 10      Intercalary 8th Moon 26th Day (19th October 1976)

Touring the Second Tribunal

Our tour of Hades gives much work to the Deities as well as to human beings but, nevertheless, it is well worth it because our purpose is to help human beings as best as we can. However, there is a saying, “Doing good makes one happy”. Continue reading “Journey No. 10 – Touring the Second Tribunal”

Journey No. 6 – Touring the Magic Mirror Pavilion

JOURNEY No. 6        Intercalary 8th Moon 6th Day (29th September 1976)

Touring the “Magic Mirror Pavilion”

The time has now come for us to tour the Underworld again. Yang Sheng, please be prepared to go.

Yang Sheng:
Yes, Master, I am ready; let us proceed….. Continue reading “Journey No. 6 – Touring the Magic Mirror Pavilion”