Journey No. 46 – Touring Boiling Oil Small Prison

JOURNEY No. 46      1st Moon 23rd Day (1st March 1978)

Touring “Boiling Oil Small Prison”

This is our first tour of Hades in the New Year and the spring season is very bright. It augurs very well for a start. Yang Sheng, get ready to tour Hades.

Yang Sheng:
I am securely seated on the lotus flower platform, we can start…….

We have arrived, get down. Continue reading “Journey No. 46 – Touring Boiling Oil Small Prison”

Journey No. 14 – Touring Hades of Coldness

JOURNEY No. 14        9th Moon 29th Day (20th November 1976)

Touring Hades of Coldness

Autumn is coming to an end and winter will soon take its place; the weather is changing. Human beings do not know how to adjust to suit the seasons and so sickness is the result. Today I will bring Yang Sheng to visit the place called “Hades of Coldness”. Continue reading “Journey No. 14 – Touring Hades of Coldness”