Chapter III – Questions and Answers (Bodhidharma, Amitabha, Pure Land)

One day Prefect Wai entertained the Patriarch and asked him to preach to a big gathering. At the end of the feast, Prefect Wai asked him to mount the pulpit (to which the Patriarch consented). After bowing twice reverently, in company with other officials, scholars, and commoners, Prefect Wai said, “I have heard what Your Holiness preached. It is really so deep that it is beyond our mind and speech, and I have certain doubts which I hope you will clear up for me.” “If you have any doubts,” replied the Patriarch, “please ask, and I will explain.”

“What you preach are

the fundamental principles
taught by

are they not?” “Yes,” replied the Patriarch. “I was told,” said Prefect Wai, “that at Bodhidharma’s first interview with Emperor Wu of Liang he was asked what merits the Emperor would get for the work of his life in building temples, allowing new monks to be ordained (royal consent was necessary at that time), Continue reading “Chapter III – Questions and Answers (Bodhidharma, Amitabha, Pure Land)”

29. What is the explanation for the statement “The five great religions are One?”

The purpose of religion is to teach people:

  • the Truth of God,
  • to redeem their souls,
  • to move the evil so they repent, and
  • to correct wicked into good.

All five great religions
(Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism,
Christianity, and Islam)
are derived from the Truth.

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Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao

Part One: The Theories

The True Meaning of Tao

Tien-Tao is being descended to reveal to mankind that Tao is the Absolute Truth. Tao exists before Heaven and Earth. It will still exist after the destruction of Heaven and Earth. It is everlasting. Continue reading “Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao”

Foreword by Mr. Guo

Tlen-tao, the way of returning to Xian-tien10, is the true conveyance of the Truth. Tien-Tao encompasses the doctrines of the three great religions and serves as a lifeboat to save the world. In recent years, humans are not as innocent as their ancient ancestors, and morality has been trenching down. This decline in morality culminates in catastrophes that exceed historic proportion and cause suffering to all souls. Continue reading “Foreword by Mr. Guo”