Journey No. 25 – Touring the Mouth-Piercing Prison

JOURNEY No. 25      2nd Moon 6th Day (25th March 1977)

Touring the Mouth-Piercing Prison

In one’s life, there must be occasions of sorrow, happiness, and anger, meeting, and parting. It is not an easy matter to be involved in ascetic practices. The person must maintain a sincere, free and easy heart and must also perform moral deeds. It is useless for one to speak about morality and not to carry out or put into practice. Continue reading “Journey No. 25 – Touring the Mouth-Piercing Prison”

Journey No. 21 – Touring the Office of Four Types of Reincarnation

JOURNEY No. 21      12th Moon 9th Day (27th January 1977)

Touring the Office of “Four Types of Reincarnation”
(Third Visit)

When human beings die, there is much crying and wailing. But when any of the four types of creatures (animals, fowls, fishes, and worms) die, their death is mainly due to slaughter rather than by sickness. This slaughtering is generally done by human beings and because these creatures seem to know that they have no way of escape, they feel very frightened and cry and scream in their own way. Continue reading “Journey No. 21 – Touring the Office of Four Types of Reincarnation”