Journey No. 32 – Visiting the Gouging Heart Prison

JOURNEY No. 32       5th Moon 16th Day (2nd July 1977)

Touring the Fifth Tribunal Again
Visiting the Gouging Heart Prison

In Chinese culture, morality is the outcome of the consummation of the vigours of Heaven and Earth, and the longer the history of the culture, the newer is the result; this evolution has been in existence for a very long time past and will not stop even for more than 10,000 years to come. Unfortunately, the Chinese of today crave for the materialistic world and despise their own Chinese culture in preference for Western culture and civilization, Continue reading “Journey No. 32 – Visiting the Gouging Heart Prison”

Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal

JOURNEY No. 15        10th Moon 9th Day (29th November 1976)

Touring the Third Tribunal
Paying Respects to Song Di Wang

We are now going to tour the Third Tribunal. Inside each Tribunal there are various prisons for sinners, but although we have to visit all the Tribunals we will only tour or pay greater attention to the more important prisons of each Tribunal because we do not have enough Continue reading “Journey No. 15 – Touring the Third Tribunal”