Chapter X – His Final Instructions

One day the Patriarch sent for his disciples, Fat Hoi, Chi Shing, Fat Tat, Shin Wui, Chi Sheung, Chi Tong, Chi Chai, Chi Tao, Fat Chun, Fat U, etc., and addressed them as follows:-

“You men are different from the common lot. After my entering into Parinirvana, each of you will be the Dhyana Master of a certain district. I am, therefore, going to give you some hints on preaching, so that when doing so, you may keep up the tradition of our School.

Parinirvana of Buddha
Parinirvana of Buddha Sakyamuni (Image by Albert Dezetter from Pixabay)

First mention the three Categories of Dharmas, and then the thirty-six ‘pairs of opposites’ in the activities (of the Essence of Mind). Then teach how to avoid the two extremes of ‘coming in’ or ‘going out’. In all preaching, stray not from the Essence of Mind.

Whenever a man puts a question to you, answer him in antonyms, so that a ‘pair of opposites’ will be formed. (For example), ‘coming’ and ‘going’ are the reciprocal cause of each other; when the interdependence of the two is entirely done away with there would be, in the absolute sense, neither ‘coming’ nor ‘going’. Continue reading “Chapter X – His Final Instructions”

41. Should one become a vegetarian after receiving Tien-Tao? (& Q42 to Q46)

It is of utmost importance to be a vegetarian after one receives Tien-Tao. The True Self is pure and clean. To retain such purity, one should not allow any contamination.

If the True Self is contaminated, it becomes lost. To restore the True Self to its original brightness, the practitioners of Tao must filter out all impurities.

The impurities consist of the onion family, garlic family, leeks, shallot, and tobaccos among vegetables, and all animals such as poultry, meat, and seafood. Continue reading “41. Should one become a vegetarian after receiving Tien-Tao? (& Q42 to Q46)”

Introduction IX: Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds (& Q23 to Q25)

Tien-Tao brings salvation to the Three Worlds:

  1. mankind,
  2. souls of the deceased in the Underworld, and
  3. deities in the spiritual world.

This special mission of Tien-Tao is very difficult to comprehend. Bringing salvation to mankind is similar to the goals of other religions.

Due to the change of spiritual forces in the cosmos, the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming 1 is descended and the door to Tien-Tao is wide open; therefore anyone may have the opportunity to obtain Tien-Tao if he wishes Continue reading “Introduction IX: Bringing Salvation to the Three Worlds (& Q23 to Q25)”

Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao

Part One: The Theories

The True Meaning of Tao

Tien-Tao is being descended to reveal to mankind that Tao is the Absolute Truth. Tao exists before Heaven and Earth. It will still exist after the destruction of Heaven and Earth. It is everlasting. Continue reading “Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao”

Foreword by Mr. Guo

Tlen-tao, the way of returning to Xian-tien10, is the true conveyance of the Truth. Tien-Tao encompasses the doctrines of the three great religions and serves as a lifeboat to save the world. In recent years, humans are not as innocent as their ancient ancestors, and morality has been trenching down. This decline in morality culminates in catastrophes that exceed historic proportion and cause suffering to all souls. Continue reading “Foreword by Mr. Guo”