4. What’s the Objective of Tien-Tao?

The objectives of Tien-Tao are as follows:

  • to spread the Absolute Truth of the cosmos;
  • worship the Lord of all souls;
  • respect Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng; 6
  • follow the laws of the land;
  • be patriotic;
  • be responsible;
  • restore the Five Bonds and Eight Cardinal Virtues 7 of morality;
  • respect and be obedient to parents;
  • honor teachers and esteem Tao;
  • be trustworthy;
  • live harmoniously with neighbors; and
  • rid of bad habits and become good in all respects.

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Tien-Ming means the Divine Mission from God to convey Tien-Tao. The Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming is the Enlightened Teacher ordained by God to transmit Tien-Tao to others.

Yang represents the Qi (spirit) that is in motion; and yin, still. Once yang and yin are created, there are motions and stillness. The yang is pure and rises up to become Heaven. The yin is heavy and descends to be Earth. The Yang and yin interact to give rise to humans.

Qi means spirit. Hun means awareness. Sheng means growth. Ling means soul.
means the Spirit of Growth.
Hun-qi means the Spirit of Awareness.
Ling-qi means the Spirit of Soul.

Wu-ji is the Void. Lao means old or ancient. Mu means mother. Wu-ji Lao-Mu is also referred to as Lao-Mu. Continue reading “Glossary”