73. What is “The method of freeing oneself from shackles?” (& Q74 to Q75)

To “free oneself from shackles” in Buddhist Sutras means to unleash from the shackles of false images and be free from the sufferings of the Three Domains. 22 The only method of “freeing oneself from shackles” that does not dwell on any images is instantaneous enlightenment.

Buddha virtues are based on ceasing doubts and establishing faith, guided by being remote from marks or images, and built on not dwelling one’s heart anywhere. By establishing Buddha virtues, one can free his True Self. To free the True Self means that the True Self is freed from shackles. Continue reading “73. What is “The method of freeing oneself from shackles?” (& Q74 to Q75)”


Tien-Ming means the Divine Mission from God to convey Tien-Tao. The Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming is the Enlightened Teacher ordained by God to transmit Tien-Tao to others.

Yang represents the Qi (spirit) that is in motion; and yin, still. Once yang and yin are created, there are motions and stillness. The yang is pure and rises up to become Heaven. The yin is heavy and descends to be Earth. The Yang and yin interact to give rise to humans.

Qi means spirit. Hun means awareness. Sheng means growth. Ling means soul.
means the Spirit of Growth.
Hun-qi means the Spirit of Awareness.
Ling-qi means the Spirit of Soul.

Wu-ji is the Void. Lao means old or ancient. Mu means mother. Wu-ji Lao-Mu is also referred to as Lao-Mu. Continue reading “Glossary”