Introduction X: The Unification of the Five Great Religions

The True Self is the origin of mankind. Thoughts and behaviors give rise to civilizations. Civilizations are the roots of religions.

The purpose of religions
is to teach mankind
the way to return to his origin.

Since humans had become so corrupt, God descended the Saints of the five great religions to different parts of the world to preach the Truth. However, the five great religions emphasize on different aspects of the Truth. For example, Continue reading “Introduction X: The Unification of the Five Great Religions”

4. What’s the Objective of Tien-Tao?

The objectives of Tien-Tao are as follows:

  • to spread the Absolute Truth of the cosmos;
  • worship the Lord of all souls;
  • respect Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng; 6
  • follow the laws of the land;
  • be patriotic;
  • be responsible;
  • restore the Five Bonds and Eight Cardinal Virtues 7 of morality;
  • respect and be obedient to parents;
  • honor teachers and esteem Tao;
  • be trustworthy;
  • live harmoniously with neighbors; and
  • rid of bad habits and become good in all respects.

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