18. Does the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth exist?

The mutual interactions between mankind and other substances or beings will create a force that determines the fate, and this force is called karma.

What a person does, says, and thinks
are called
the karma force of actions,
the karma force of words, and
the karma force of thoughts,

These karma forces will induce suffering or happiness to others. The reactions of the others due to these karma forces will recoil back upon oneself and will be one’s own suffering or happiness. Continue reading “18. Does the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth exist?”

5. I Ching first states Qian, Beginning, Cultivation, Reward, and Perseverance. What does it mean?

I Ching is the oldest oracle

that details the fundamentals of the creation of the cosmos. Its content is vast and profound. It is the source of all enchantments and magics.

It first states “Qian, Beginning, Cultivation, Reward, and Perseverance.

Qian has the great might of creation. All things owe their existence to Qian. It represents Tao in the cosmos and the True Self in human. Continue reading “5. I Ching first states Qian, Beginning, Cultivation, Reward, and Perseverance. What does it mean?”

1. What is the true meaning of Tao?

In the beginning, the cosmos is a void without any form or substance. However, in this obscure state, there exists an indescribable abstruse energy. Without beginning or end, It is ever changing and continuously self-rejuvenating.

This energy created billions of galaxies, stars, and solar systems. It also created billions of life forms on Earth; including humans, animals and plants. Continue reading “1. What is the true meaning of Tao?”


Tien-Ming means the Divine Mission from God to convey Tien-Tao. The Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming is the Enlightened Teacher ordained by God to transmit Tien-Tao to others.

Yang represents the Qi (spirit) that is in motion; and yin, still. Once yang and yin are created, there are motions and stillness. The yang is pure and rises up to become Heaven. The yin is heavy and descends to be Earth. The Yang and yin interact to give rise to humans.

Qi means spirit. Hun means awareness. Sheng means growth. Ling means soul.
means the Spirit of Growth.
Hun-qi means the Spirit of Awareness.
Ling-qi means the Spirit of Soul.

Wu-ji is the Void. Lao means old or ancient. Mu means mother. Wu-ji Lao-Mu is also referred to as Lao-Mu. Continue reading “Glossary”

Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces

I once came across this story about two wolves which inspired me spiritually. Even though you can easily find this story in a lot of websites, I still want to share it with you here. I hope you too may have some inspiration.

I will keep the story intact without any additional views or comments from my side. Why? Because I hope you can connect it to your life experiences and come out with your own wisdom. Continue reading “Beyond the Conflict of Inner Forces”