2. Tao’s Divinity

Tao created the cosmos. Tao and Its changes subsist throughout the cosmos. All changes in the cosmos are the manifestation of Tao’s existence. Mankind and all other beings originate from Tao and rely on It for their developments.

Tao is the Lord of the cosmos, the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Tao is void, still, majestic, reverent, and divine. Tien-Tao names Tao as the Wu-ji Lao-Mu 4to honor Its benevolence in cultivating the cosmos and nurturing all lives. Tien-Tao also names Tao as the Lord of all souls or God.

Taoism names Tao as Origin;
Buddhism as the Buddha;
Confucianism as Heaven or God;
Christianity as God, Father, or Jehovah; and
Islam as Allah.

Although various religions and Tien-Tao name Tao differently, they all refer to Tao, the only God in the cosmos and the only Lord of all souls. He governs the order in the cosmos, the changes in Heaven and Earth, and the very existence of mankind.

Universe Illustration

In the last century, scientific advancements have greatly enhanced amenities for the mankind and proliferated materialism and atheism.

Many do not believe in God and claim that the existence of the cosmos is merely a natural phenomenon; all inventions by humans are the culmination of human intellects.

Should one ask then who created such magnificent natural phenomena? Does human possess such ability? Where does human’s ability to invent come from?

The natural phenomena of sound and light, changes in electricity, functions of thunder and lightning, etc., where do they come from? For example, clouds turn into rain, which evaporates and returns to clouds. How does this phenomenon come about?

If all these are dismissed as natural phenomena, it is only because reasoning has not been exhausted and the Truth has not been sought.

If there is not an almighty God,
who else can govern this cosmos?

When we see light, we realize the existence of the sun. When we see people, we realize that substances exist. When we see a child, we reason that he has parents and ancestors.

Why then when we see Heaven above, Earth below, and all the living things around us, we deny the existence of God? When one drinks, one should be grateful to the origin of the water.

The human procreation has carried on from generation to generation ever since the beginning of mankind. The human’s True Self comes and goes as the physical body is born and perishes.

Everyone knows that parents gave us physical bodies, yet does not realize that God gave us True Selves. In other words, we know only the origin of our physical bodies, but not the origin of our True Selves (i.e., the true Origin).

Most people rely solely on observations to determine the existence of beings or substances. That means they only accept the existence of those that can be observed, and deny the existence of those that cannot be observed.

Like fish living in water can only see what is in the water; humans live in the expanse and can only observe what is in the expanse. Unfortunately, the dependency on observations makes us lose sight of the true Origin, and this is why mankind is lost.

Therefore, we must learn to be in touch with our True Selves and search for our true Origin.
The profundity of Heaven reminds us of God’s immensity.
The brightness of the sun and moon reminds us of God’s brilliance and glory.
All living beings thriving on Earth reminds us of God’s blessing and cultivation.

 Our True Selves originate from God.

In other words, our True Selves comprise of God’s spiritual energy – Tao; that is why we all are a part of God.

Lao-tzu said a man must return to his root in order to restore the true life.

The Buddha said everyone has a Bodhi. 5

Confucius said mankind must serve God (Heaven).

Jehovah said everyone is the son of God.

Everyone is God’s child, and how can we not follow and live in God’s Truth

Today most people indulge themselves in scientific advancements. They turn their backs on the Truth and do not follow God’s wish. This trend causes the collapse in morality, and will culminate to worldwide catastrophes.

Religions are so weak that they cannot exert their influences to reverse this trend and thus cannot save the human race.

To spare the world and mankind
from ruinous destruction,
God descends Tien-Tao to this world.

We hope everyone will earnestly and modestly seek Tien-Tao, so that someday, Tao can be attained.

Once one attains Tao,
he will realize God is within himself.

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