Introduction IV: The Heart and True Self

The True Self is the essence of human life, as well as the root of the cosmos.

The True Self is infinitely bright;
It is not born;
It does not die; and
It has no shape or form.

The human body, which has both form and shape, is a temporary dwelling for the True Self. Therefore, the human body has birth and death.

True Self?
Stages of Human Life – is it our True Self?

The True Selves of all human beings come from God. All of them possess the complete five virtues of Tao. If one follows his True Self, he automatically aligns himself to Tao.

The True Self is the essence; the heart is the manifestation of the True Self. Therefore, the heart is the pivot of a person.

When one’s heart is pure, it reflects his True Self. The True Self and the heart, in essence, is One.

Once the True Self enters Hou-tien, 10 it disperses into three – Li-xing, Qi-xing, and Zhi-xing. 14

The heart also disperses into three –

  • True Nature,
  • Human Nature, and
  • Animal Nature.

Accordingly, there is the distinction of Saints, Sages, and ordinaries among men, and the distinction between the good and the bad.

The Gong-fu 15 of practicing Tao is simply working on one’s heart and True Self.

The following three questions and answers are devoted to the discussion of this topic, the heart, and True Self.

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