Introduction I: The True Meaning of Tao

Part One: The Theories

The True Meaning of Tao

Tien-Tao is being descended to reveal to mankind that Tao is the Absolute Truth. Tao exists before Heaven and Earth. It will still exist after the destruction of Heaven and Earth. It is everlasting.

Heaven and Earth

Tao is the origin of Heaven, Earth, mankind, substances, and matters. Tao gave rise to all of the above, so Tao is embedded in all of them. Yet, each manifests Tao in its own way. Thus, the Truth pervades all of them.

Tao, being the essence, is the core of all virtues – Tao’s manifestation. Tao encompasses both the essence and manifestation. The True Self is the essence of morality.

Heaven, Earth, mankind, substances, and matters are observed as independent and unrelated entities, yet when traced back to the origin, they all come from Tao. Thus all have to return to Tao. Based on this, the following conclusions can be drawn:

In terms of all phenomena in the cosmos, the essence is called Tao.

God is the spiritual energy of Tao.

In terms of the Lord of all phenomena in the cosmos, the essence is called God. God created and cultivated all beings and substances according to Tao. Therefore, God is Tao.

In terms of all substances in the cosmos, the essence is called the Truth. The Truth is the essence of all reasoning, and the Truth is the manifestation of Tao.

For mankind, the essence is called the True Self. God bestowed mankind with the True Self, and the conscience is the manifestation of the True Self.


Originally Tao is nameless. Since It is a Void, It is everywhere and lt is nowhere. Tao cultivates all beings and substances, so we reverently name It God.

The cosmos is like a giant wheel; months follow days, winter follows summer, birth is followed by growth, age, and death. Without Tao this, this giant wheel will cease to function and the result is bringing an end to all lives.

The Cycle of Life & Death (Reincarnation)

Human cannot live without Tao. Tao is the True Self of a human. The True Self is the Truth. Once the True Self is covered by emotions and desires, one becomes lost and is attracted by illusory images, hence forever trapped in the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth

Nowadays, science and technology dominate the society. Mankind becomes corrupted and morality has deteriorated. Catastrophes strike everywhere. In order to bring salvation to mankind, the merciful God has ordained the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming 1 to descend and transmit Tien-Tao, the essence of Tao. Once everyone follows Tao, everyone’s soul will be restored to his True Self and all will be saved from the Final Catastrophe.

The ultimate goal of Tien-Tao is to turn the world into a Pure Land.

Pure Land - a new beginning

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