Introduction III: The Unification of Man and the Cosmos

The unification of man and the cosmos means that human is not only closely related to the cosmos, the man himself is also a miniature cosmos.

I Ching and Taoism have systematically explained the relationship between mankind and Tao.

Nowadays people have difficulty comprehending this relationship, owing to the fact that the soul is being masked by the Qi of Hou-tien 10 and the pursuit of materialism.

Humans are the dominion of all creatures and are particularly favored by God, so it is easier for humans to attain enlightenment.

One should treasure his physical presence and endeavor to practice Tao so he can be unified with the cosmos.

By practicing Tao, the mystery of the cosmos and the ultimate Truth of life can be revealed to one. The highest level of this practice is to be unified with the cosmos.

The “unification”

here implies the consolidation of the self and the cosmos into one entity.

This “unification” is also known as center and harmony; and transcending the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth”.

In the religious term, the “unification” is known as attaining enlightenment and becomes a Saint, an Immortal, or a Buddha.

The following four questions and answers are devoted to explicit discussions of this subject.

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