The Universe & Solar System

The Universe – The Unknown Frontier

The Universe is full of mysteries and wonders. It is beautiful and not much is known about it. I believe all of us are fascinated and piqued by the vastness of space and are wondering whether there are other living beings, similar to us, out there?

The following is an illustrated image of a “Milky Way Galaxy” that I had taken from basicknowledge101.

Universe Illustration

I just want to bring your attention to the “You Are Here” arrow at the bottom right. Our Solar System is just one of the tiny spec there in the seemingly chaotic ‘whirlpool’. It looks chaotic but from what I understand, everything in space seems to be “in harmony”, just like our own Solar System. There is orderly in the seeming disorder.

If you are really interested in Astronomy, you can learn more at Astrophysics and Astronomy.

From a few holy books, God creates everything in the Universe. I also believe everything was created and governed by an intelligent “energy” that also governs all the creation – with principles and truths. In order not to offend anybody, I just call this energy “Almighty”.

You may also have a specific name for Almighty depending on your belief and religion. Just bear in mind that people call it by a variety of name, also depending on their belief, such as God, Mother Nature, Heaven, The Universe, or others. I respect all of them.

The essence is that Almighty is the creator of all things in the Universe, from the very large to the very minute that cannot be seen by our naked eyes. If you are interested, you can visit this or this youtube video (may have advertisement) to see the huge differences and wonder of Almighty’s creation.

Let Us Look At Something Closer – Our Solar System

I believe nobody will dispute that human beings did not create our Solar System. Some say it is a natural occurrence. Some say God creates it. Whatever it is, I am not here to debate the origin of our Solar System. I think nobody knows better than NASA and below is one great illustration of all the planets (with their relative size) in our Solar System taken from their website.

Solar System

It is an awesome illustration. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. I think you should already know that.

You may ask, “Why show all these?” Well, I just want to say that there are a lot of things that we still do not understand, including the most intelligent people in the world.

We are still not able to design a spaceship that goes further than our moon. Even with our current advanced knowledge of medicine, we still do not have the cures for all the human’s diseases.

Or what happens to all the dinosaurs that once roamed on this Earth? Just look at the huge size of the said dinosaurs in (you will find many other interesting dinosaurs information at this site). What eliminates them from the face of Earth?

They dominated Earth for over 165 million years (and we humans have been around for only 200,000 years). The best-preserved skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex was discovered in Montana in the United States and this is a very strong proof that they do exist. Paleontologists speculate that a huge meteorite crashed near the Gulf of Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago (source: The Star).

What is my intention in telling all the above?

Well…even though we human is the ‘leader’ of the animal kingdom; we are not really that great. Let us think for a moment…

Why Almighty creates the Universe, the Solar System, the dinosaurs, human, animals and so on? Is it just for fun? For testing? To see how we all live together? For survival experiment? Or for other reasons? Also, why eliminates all the dinosaurs after so long a period?

There seems to be a grand plan that Almighty created all the above.

Our knowledge is very limited even in this so-called digital age. We have learned and developed a lot but there is still a lot we do not know.

Everything that human discovered are already here on Earth waiting to be discovered, be it in the field of science, technology, engineering, and other fields of studies.

Currently, the knowledge that we acquire seems to improve our lifestyles but at the same time, it is also gradually ‘destroying’ Mother Earth.

Instead of the good intention of making life easier, healthier, and creating a better future for the generation to come, people are becoming lazier with a higher expectation of life.

Now a lot of countries are facing the problem of how to handle the waste and pollution created, be it organic or otherwise due to our so-called modern lifestyles and the never-ending greed of humanity.

The natural disaster like earthquakes, floods, fire, drastic weather changes and the likes are happening more frequently and the damages it creates are considerable and sometimes even causes loss of life.

Spirit / Soul?

Whatever that can be seen with our naked eyes had a finite time or life. We all know that. Some spiritual practitioner said that the one that cannot be seen is the essence such as our spirit or soul.

Some say that there is no such thing as the soul. Once we die, we died. No further story. Some say there is reincarnation. It will reincarnate as a different living ‘being’ in the next life. Since the soul is a form of ‘energy’, it cannot be destroyed.

For me, I strongly believe in reincarnation and that there is only one Almighty. We, humans, are one of the main reasons why Almighty created all these. You can read my perspective on “Who am I?“.

I would like to clarify that whatever I have written here is from my own perspective, or understanding, without any other intentions or motives – just sharing.

All I request is that you take it with an open mind. You may agree or disagree but either way, you are welcome to comment so that more people can benefit and has realizations from your comments.

How do I wish that people could agree to disagree more to create a peaceful and harmonious world?

What say you?

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