Wealthy Affiliate – A Scam?

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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
Lao-Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

Thinking of starting a home or online business but was confused with all the available programs out there?

You are not sure which one to trust and to choose? Which one will give you the best value for your money without any hidden or additional cost or upsells?

There are many online scams out there trying to make money out of you instead of showing you the proper and right way to make money online. I am not saying all are like that but there are just…many.

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommended training for starting a business online especially for beginner or newbie. Why? Continue to read this Wealthy Affiliate Reviews and you will know why…no fluff, just as it is.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I believe you have already check out a lot of programs before and do not know which is the best one that you should invest for maximum value or ROI: a lot usually claiming that they can help you to make money quick with little effort or just copy and paste. Well…beware!!! Caveat emptor, remember.

Wealthy Affiliate is serious when it comes to your business and genuinely want you to succeed.

You may be thinking, “What or Who is Wealthy Affiliate? Is it a scam?” Well, just hang on…I will come to that. The correct question that you should be asking yourself is whether Wealthy Affiliate can help you to become a successful Online Entrepreneur?

Everyone circumstances and needs are different and as such yours may be different. I fully acknowledge and understand that. If you are not sure, well…just check it out below. You can go for a 7-days free trial as a Free Member. No credit card required.

Just register and get a FREE 7-days trial.

If it is not for you, well…just leave.

You have nothing to lose.

But if you are serious about wanting to start an online business, give yourself about 10 minutes to find out for yourself, on the actual site/platform. Check out the fabulous training, guidance, and support from the community.

If you join, I am confident that your success is just a matter of time, provided you put in the effort and take ACTION.

Internet Life Style - Wealthy Affiliate Review
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  1. My Ranking
  2. What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?
  3. The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate (My Current Experience)
  4. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Complaint?
  5. Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?
  6. Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools
  7. The WA Community – Your Success ‘Mentor’
  8. What Should You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?
  9. How Much?
  10. In Summary

1. My Ranking

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)
Price: Premium Membership,
$49/month OR $495/year (Join Here)
Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 96
 out of 100
Who it’s for: 
Perfect for Non-Technical Newbie especially Beginner

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2. What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is more of a service and community, not so much of a product. The community at WA is one of the best and something that every member is proud of. As such, jerk and spammer are not welcome. You will love it here if you are serious in wanting to learn to earn money online the right way, step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson. The WA motto is:

“Turn Your Passion into Successful Online Marketing Business”

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Founder, Kyle

Here you are able to network with like-minded fellow entrepreneurs (the community), get help and help others, and learn from the thousands of infopreneurs. Even the co-founders, Carson and Kyle (pic above), are very active within the community…on a daily basis. Kyle’s started involving himself with the online world since 2002.

Their missions are to help people to start their own online business and grow it to become an income-earning source, entirely from home or anywhere in the world with internet connection.

They are there, sometimes into the early morning, helping people like you getting their campaigns running, the website operating, or getting their businesses rolling forward. This is one of the reasons why many of them become successful and here are some of the success stories:

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 1

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 2

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 3

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 4

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 5

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 6

Wealthy Affiliate - Proof 7
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3. The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate (My Experience) 
The Pros Wealthy Affiliates Review - Happy Smiley
  • No upsells. No spamming.
  • Step-by-Step lessons to guide you – from registering the domain name, building a website, Jaaxy Lite keyword research, content writing, social media strategy, advertising and so on.
  • Good support service and strong website protection from spamming.
  • Fast hosting – you can start your business almost immediately.
  • Live chat feature for instant help if you need help urgently.
  • Like-minded community to help you, anytime and day. Just reach out and ask.
  • Tutorials, weekly webinars and more.
The Cons Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Not so good smiley
  • Due to the ongoing interaction between the community members, it is easy to get distracted and stray from the training.
    The solution: Stay FOCUS on your training.
  • You can get overwhelmed by all the lessons and training provided and you may easily get confused and frustrated.
    The solution: Take one small step at a time. Do not try to learn everything in one go. FOCUS. Follow the official training – one lesson at a time, step-by-step.
  • A few members may not be as friendly and as such, do not take them too seriously. A good place to practice diplomacy.
    The solution: Remember why you are here.
  • Have to subscribe (optional) for a more powerful Jaxxy Pro/Enterprise keyword research tool. But the free Jaxxy Lite keyword research tool is good enough for a newbie like us.
  • No autoresponder service. Otherwise, it will be a complete online marketing service platform.
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4. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Complaint?

Well, there is no such thing as a 100% good program, only a better program, the same as there is no 100% perfect human. When you know that you are never going to be perfect, it gives you something to work towards to, right? How would you ever grow and change if you are perfect? What would you wish and dream for if you are already perfect?

But do note that no matter how good a program is; there are always people who will find fault with it. Some people get their pleasure out of complaining and discouraging people – so-called ‘negative’ people (I trust that you are not such a person).

The most important point is that
you can become successful
in this program and
you get value for your hard-earned money
by learning and taking action.

The same can be said about Wealthy Affiliate. It is not perfect but it is striving to be the best, all the time, to serve the growing community. There are complaints, which I cannot deny. Some are true and for the better of the community but some are just plain, what should I say, unreasonable and asking for too much.

Always remember, there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. You cannot demand everything even if we pay for it. There is always a limit, a boundary. You want more, you have to pay more. But Wealthy Affiliate is always trying their very best to give more value: for example, they still maintain the premium membership fees at the year 2005 price till 11th May 2020. A great feat, indeed.

Nevertheless, the growing community is proof that Wealthy Affiliate is growing and prospering – definitely not a scam as some people claims. Members are free to decide on how they want to run their business/websites and as such, a minority of them may not follow exactly on what is being thought or it is their business strategy.

Here is proof of Wealthy Affiliate reputation at Google Trends.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Google Trend
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5. Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is perfect, in my opinion, for those who are new to online business and knew nothing about building a website, whether young or young at heart. I am one of them and I had benefited from WA’s training.

However, WA claims that it caters to all levels of marketers and entrepreneurs, from a brand new beginner to someone that is already having a successful business and wants to scale it to a higher level.

Online Business - Education at WA
If you:
  • Are tired of your job and want to start your own business with minimal cost,
  • Want to create or start a secondary or a passive income,
  • Have a dream or desire to work from home or anywhere in the world or,
  • Just want to achieve financial freedom.

With WA…you can, if you have the determination and dedication. You can access WA anywhere that has an internet connection – building your business, getting training, or getting help, be it from your iPad or mobile devices.

Just be prepared to learn,
humble to ask for help,
put in the effort and
work on your online business
persistently, systematically, and patiently
till it becomes successful and
becomes your profitable asset.

Other reasons why people love Wealthy Affiliate:
  • Getting Started Training (SIMPLIFIED! Easy to understand and to follow)
  • Video, Tutorial and Classroom training along with Courses
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms
  • Weekly live training
  • 24/7 Live & Interactive Help (even at 3 am in the morning!)
  • Access to the HELPFUL and active community (experts in their own rights)
  • Support from the founders & millionaires (Carson & Kyle)
  • One Free Siterubix WordPress websites
  • Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Free Jaaxy Lite keyword research tool
  • A strict spam-free environment.
  • FREE to Get Started! (No upsell)

Frustration and confusion, in the beginning, are normal because there are so many things to learn, you may be overwhelmed. But these are the stepping-stones to your road of success. Persist and you will see the daylight…the dawn of a new beginning, for you and your dream.

However, this platform is not suitable for those who want to get rich quick, not willing to put in the effort to learn and to work, sometimes even expecting others to do the work for them. Also, it is not for people who like to spam or with the intention to get members for their MLM business.

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6. Wealthy Affiliate Training and Tools

The Training is for all levels of expertise; is comprehensive, organized, current, and are offered in different formats:Wealthy Affiliate Live Event

  • Live Weekly Training Classes
  • Question and Answer Periods
  • Organized Classrooms (on specific topics)
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Video and Tutorial Training
  • Task-Based Lessons

There are more than one thousand practical training modules, revealing the different online business models that could be used to create a full-time income online.


You also get to access ALL of the tools you need to accomplish all of your research, writing, and website building/hosting applications for your business. Almost everything that you need to run your online business successfully is included in the members’ area, such as:

  • Jaaxy Lite Keyword & Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Website Builder Express (3 clicks)
  • State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting (Premium Members)
  • Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different plugins to your website
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7. The WA Community – Your Success ‘Mentor’

What will you normally do when you need help? More often than not you would go to Google and search for the answer, right? Nothing wrong with that. We all do.

In WA you have another option, a portion of the helpful & like-minded WA entrepreneurs, extending a helping hand whenever you need help…I really mean whenever and helping you answer, giving you suggestions, directions, and ideas.

When it comes to making money online and trying to create a successful business, the WA community can help…they are one of the best and a lot them are professional and/or successful online marketer.

Here are the different types of support system at WA:
  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Live Question & Answer periods
  • Private 1-on-1 supports with Carson or Kyle, the co-founders of WA
  • Private access to WA community experts and of course
  • To me

You are never alone and you will enjoy being with the community. The majority are kind and helpful. Just ask humbly and politely. Even the CEO and founder takes the time to help the member out, can you imagine that? That is the reality. With Kyle’s vast online experiences, the founder has a lot of experiences and insights to share that will help speed up your path to success.

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8. What Should You Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate?

What should you be doing at Wealthy Affiliate so that you can make money in the near future? Where should you start?

Wealthy Affiliate Review - 4 Steps

The diagram above nicely sum up what you should be doing.

When you join, you are given two options to choose from:

  • Your passion, interest, hobby or skills
Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification

You can choose your passion as your starting point. Anything that you like doing: things that you will do, even without pay. Of course, you should select one which you can make money. That is one of the main reasons why you want to start an online business, right? The initial Online Entrepreneur Certification or OEC Course is going to show you how to turn it, step-by-step, lesson-by-lesson, into a full-time business online.

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp
Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

If you are not sure about your passion or niche, WA has an affiliate program where you can build a business from, namely Affiliate Bootcamp. The training will walk you through, starting from the very beginning into a fully functional affiliate online business: no experience necessary. Just follow the lessons and do accordingly…step-by-step.

Basically, you are learning how to take your passion and create it into a functional money making website. With this niche website, you are going to start earning income in a whole variety of ways…promotion of affiliate programs, your own or other digital or physical product, ads, and more, especially when you become more experienced and knowledgeable. Of course, it is going to take time.

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9. How much do I have to Pay

Wealthy Affiliate has two memberships level:

1) Starter Membership

$0.00 – FREE (Join Here)
(Starter Membership is not available to Nigeria but they can go Premium directly. Believe me; if you are serious and committed to starting a business online, just go Premium and work hard at it and persevere. It is worth every penny of your investment.)

This Starter level is for those who want to check out what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, allowing you to decide whether WA is for you or not. When you join, you will be granted instant access to the community for a full 7 days. Take advantage of this opportunity to check out WA thoroughly. You will have access to live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, networking, commenting, 2 free websites, and access to the keyword tool (check out the details in the chart below).

2) Premium Membership

$49 per month, paid monthly or
$41.25 per month / $495 paid yearly (Join Here)

For less than $1.50 a day (based on yearly membership), you will have access to one of the best training, community, and support service in the online world, covering:

  1. Hosting fees for 11 websites
  2. Website Builder
  3. Jaaxy Lite Keyword research tool
  4. Strong and fast support service
  5. Complete and practical training (you do not need to buy another guru book, or expensive online success course again)
  6. Many more others (see the chart above).

Almost EVERYTHING that you need to start an online business is at WA and I can assure you that it is not a scam. Why? This is because I am still a member and as such a living proof. Here is my profile.

KL Chang WA Profile

If not, you can always come back here and give me a good ‘scrubbing‘. I will help you where I can. Moreover, you have 7 days trial (Starter Membership) to test the platform (after which you will have limited access). This is the only program in the industry that does this because WA is sincere in helping people to succeed. As mentioned earlier, no credit card required. If it is not for you, just leave. No commitment. Zero risks. What else can you ask for?

Special BONUS!

If you join, I will get in touch with you inside WA. Just promise that you will set-up your account immediately to indicate that you are serious in wanting to learn how to make money online. It is simple and you will be “shown the way or hand-held” upon joining. If you are not sure, just ask.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0.00 (Free)!

How to Claim Your Bonus

I am going to offer you bonuses if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount for one month). When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will welcome you on your profile, provide you a little bit more information about WA, how to get help from me and how to claim your bonuses.

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10. In Summary – My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

If you are a beginner and are serious about online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the best for you. Invest a bit in yourself and your dream; work consistently and the reward will come.

“There is no more profitable investment
than investing in yourself.
It is the best investment you can make;
you can never go wrong with it.
It is the true way to improve yourself,
to be the best version of you and
lets you be able to best serve those around you.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Be persistent. It takes time, no doubt about that. Some good one sees their result in two to three months, some about six months and on the average, it takes about a year.

Furthermore, the investment is so much lower than starting an offline business and definitely cheaper than some similar courses offered by some college. Moreover, you got nothing to lose.

Finally, here is my final verdict:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Ranking: 96 out of 100 points

Absolutely Legit


I love to hear from you and will appreciate your comments with regard to my honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. I will definitely respond within 3-7 days if not earlier. See you on the other side.

p.s. More Proof That WA Works:

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 1

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 2

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 3

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 4

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 5

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 6

Wealthy Affiliate - Testimonial 7

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