17. What is karma?

For every action or cause,
there are reactions or effects.
This is a universal law.

The existence of all substances and beings in the cosmos is a product of causes and effects or karma.

By the same reasoning, the extinction and separation of all substances and beings occur when the effects and the causes vanish.

The law of karma

can be extended to relationships between all matters happening among substances or beings. Nothing can exist without a cause. Cause is the essence of all elements and lives, fate is the force that brings them together, and effect is the end result.

Cause and Effect or Karma
Cause and Effect or Karma

A life is born due to the parents’ cause and fate. When the parents’ emotions and desires bring them to heat, they send off a certain wavelength of spirit.

As a soul with the same wavelength picks up this signal and starts to resonate, it homes in and enters the womb. This forms the relationship of parent and child.

The memory possesses by the soul before it enters the womb is an accumulation of causes in the past. The emotions, minds, and habits of parents pass on as heredity in their children, forming the effects of the children’s lives.

When a life is born

and being raised by the parents, the environment and education shape the mind of the child. All memories built into the mind in this life become the causes of the next life. This sequence feeds on itself and becomes a cycle. The force of the cycle decides a person’s fate, and this is karma.

Thus, a Buddhist Sutra states:

“If asking about the cause from prior lives,
it is what you receive this life.
If asked about the reward in the next life,
it is what you do this life.”

Lao-tzu said:

“If one sows the seeds of melon, one gets melons.
If one sows the seeds of peas, one gets peas.
So long as the seeds are not lost, the root will take hold and yield whatever was sowed.”

I Ching states:

“The family that does a lot of good deeds will prosper.
The family that does a lot of evil deeds will have misfortunes.”

Christianity emphasizes on the “original sin”. This means that when one is born, he already carries some tendency to sin in the subconscious mind. This contaminated mind is the root of sins. In other words, all lives come into existence in this world because they sinned before.

All these teachings of the Saints confirm
the law of karma.

Causes must produce effects;
effects must result from causes.

Good cause produces good effects;
bad cause produces bad effects.

People do not understand the law of karma and that is why they are doing evil instead of good deeds.

Sakyamuni Buddha once explained the karma of three lives (the past lives, the present life, and the future lives).

The good and the bad deeds from the past lives form a force to reincarnate one into the present life. The good and the bad deeds of this life, together with those of the past lives, become the determining forces of the fate of future lives.

All must know that God is just
and the judgments He renders
are based on our own karma.

The fortunes and misfortunes are the effects of one’s own doing. The effects one encounters may be from one’s previous lives or from the present life.

The causes one brings about may give rise to effects in the present life or in future lives.

Justice will always be done
and the law of karma
indeed needs no further discussion.

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