29. What is the explanation for the statement “The five great religions are One?”

The purpose of religion is to teach people:

  • the Truth of God,
  • to redeem their souls,
  • to move the evil so they repent, and
  • to correct wicked into good.

All five great religions
(Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism,
Christianity, and Islam)
are derived from the Truth.

Although each great religion segregates itself from others and each advocates its own doctrine, the essence of these great religions is identical.

Each of the five great religions was established for a particular time, place and cultural background. This is why each flourished at a certain time within a certain culture.

The doctrine of Taoism is based on tranquility and Wu-wei. 24 It focuses on maintaining and nurturing of the soul as a way to return to the Void.

The doctrine of Buddhism is based on quiescence. It emphasizes on internal reflection of the True Self in quiescence, and the elimination of thoughts, emotions, and desires.

The doctrine of Confucianism is based on shining one’s originally bright virtues. It emphasizes the complete elimination of selfishness to restore one’s True Self.

The doctrine of Christianity is based on the rebirth of the soul. It stresses the importance of praying and to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to return to God’s kingdom.

The doctrine of Islam is to perform good deeds and avoid committing sins. It emphasizes on the repentance of the soul in order to attain purity and return to God’s garden.

Appellations such as God’s kingdom, God’s garden, and the Truth all mean the utmost benevolence. The utmost benevolence, quiescence, and the Void are different terms used to refer to the Truth. Therefore,

all five great religions
come from the same Truth in Heaven.

Taoism states “Embrace the Origin and maintain One. Cultivate the heart to refine the True Self.”

Buddhism states “All Dharma returns to One. Brighten the heart to see the True Self.”

Confucianism states “Hold fast to the center and pervade One. Hold the heart to cultivate the True Self.”

Christianity states “Pray quietly and be close to One. Purify the heart to align to the True Self.”

Islam states “Be purified and sincere to return to One. Strengthen the heart to stabilize the True Self.”

So the goals of all five great religions are the same, i.e.,

to return to One,
God, or
the Truth

The Origin of Religions
All five great religions come from the same Truth

They all recognize the heart and the True Self as the starting point, even the emphasis of their doctrines are not identical. Thus, the Truth of One develops into five great religions.

Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are analogous to the vitality, spirit, and soul of a person, while Christianity and Muslim are analogous to the True Self and life.

Now all five great religions are coming together under One; it symbolizes the coming of the Pure Land on Earth. This signifies the returning of the world to the Origin and the restoring of the True Selves to full radiance.

Finally, all will merge with God as One.

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