19. What is the meaning of the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period?

The period from the beginning to the end of Heaven and Earth is called a Cycle of Heaven and Earth. There are twelve Phases in a Cycle. Each Phase takes ten-thousand and eight-hundred (10,800) years.

The forces in the spiritual world and the material world change in each Phase. These changes are reflected as major catastrophes.

In a Cycle, the first six Phases belong to yang and represent creation and cultivation; the last six Phases belong to yin and represent harvesting and suspension.

All matters and beings also follow the order of these Phases but on smaller scales. (For example, on the small scale, four seasons repeat in a year; growth is in spring, flourishing in summer, harvesting in autumn, and suspension in winter. This cycle repeats every year. A human being goes through four stages: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and old age).

Ever since mankind and all other beings were descended in Yin Phase, they are confined to this progression and regression cycle.

In the growth Phases, God called on seven Buddhas to govern the world so the growth would be orderly.

In the regression Phases, God called on three Buddhas to amass the souls so that the returning of souls and the essence of everything are orderly.

In growth Phases,

mankind did not have any civilization and did not know how to govern the world. Therefore, the Saints descended to teach and to rule the world.

The first Saint to descend is Chi-ai Buddha. The second is Shen-yu Buddha. They appeared in Mau and Cheng Phases.

The third is Jia-san-chun Buddha. The fourth is You-zhang-gen Buddha. They appeared in Cheng and Si Phases.

The fifth is Kong-gu-shen Buddha. The sixth is Lung-ye Buddha. They appeared in Si and Wu Phase.

The seventh is Ji-tien Buddha. He appeared in the early part of Wu Phase.

Once the time reached Wu Phase, regression begins

and it is time for the souls to return to God’s kingdom.

There are three Buddhas to amass souls and handle the degeneration of the worlds. Each of the three Buddhas rules one time period.

The first period is called the Green Yang Period and was ruled by Ran-deng Buddha.

The second period is called the Red Yang Period and was ruled by Sakyamuni Buddha.

The third period is called the White Yang Period and is ruled by Mi-Le Buddha.

For eight-hundred (800) years in Wu Phase, mankind was benevolent and peaceful. People lived in harmony and the world was filled with love and joy. Harmony existed not only among humans but also between humans and other living things.

However, in these eight-hundred years of Wu Phase, yang reached its peak and started to decline, and yin started to appear.

Affected by the yin Qi, human heart began to change and, slowly, turned into evil. Mankind started to kill animals for food and eventually killed other human beings for territories and desires.

Ever since then, mankind has committed innumerous sins of killings and gathered countless debts. Since God is just and fair, all debts must be repaid.

If you owe others money,
you must pay back.

If you kill others,
you must repay by being killed.

Thus, God descended worldwide catastrophes in three different periods to clear these debts.

The catastrophes in the three periods are called:
the Green Yang Catastrophe in the Green Yang Period,
the Red Yang Catastrophe in the Red Yang Period, and
the White Yang Catastrophe in the White Yang Period.

The first two Catastrophes have already past. The third and the last world-wide catastrophe, the White Yang Catastrophe, will occur in the near future at the end of the transition from Wu Phase to Wei Phase. It is the “Final Judgment” preached by Christianity.

Why is the first period called the
Green Yang Period?

This time period was the beginning of the descending of Tien-Tao and the start of human civilizations. Since this period corresponded to Beginning in Heaven, spring in seasons, and east in directions, Tien-Tao was destined to descend in the East.

Since east corresponds to the fundamental element wood and the color green, this period is named the Green Yang Period. The color green was popular in the Green Yang Period.

Why the second period was called the
Red Yang Period?

This time period corresponded to Cultivation in Heaven, summer in seasons, and south in directions. Hence, Tien-Tao was destined to appear in the South. Since south corresponds to the fundamental element fire and the color red, this time period is named the Red Yang Period.

In this time period, the color red indicated good fortune. Also, because the end of the Red Yang Period was the preparation for the arrival of the White Yang Period, both green and red colors were popular at the end of the Red Yang Period. Just like autumn comes right after summer, the White Yang Period occurs immediately after the Red Yang Period.

Why is the last period called the
White Yang Period?

This Period corresponds to Reward in Heaven, autumn in seasons, and west in directions. Hence, Tien-Tao is destined to appear in the West. Since west corresponds to the fundamental element metal and the color white, this period is called the White Yang Period. This period is from now till ten-thousand and eight-hundred years later. In this period, the color white represents good fortune and honor.

The Green Yang Catastrophe
occurred in Fu-xi Era,
which began around 3043 B.C.

It extended eighteen-hundred and sixteen (1816) years. This period is also called the Period of the Green Yang Catastrophes. Since, at that time, mankind just started to turn evil and the collective sins and debts were not great, God descended nine world-wide catastrophes.

These catastrophes were all floods and therefore were also called the Catastrophes of the Long-han Flood. Being just, fair, and benevolent, God did not and could not let the good being punished together with the evil, and hence God ordered Saints to descend to the world as kings to spread Tien-Tao.

The good received Tien-Tao and escaped from the catastrophes and the evil did not receive Tien-Tao and was punished by the catastrophes.

Noah Ark
Catastrophes of the Long-han Flood (Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay)
The Red Yang Catastrophe
began in King Wen
of Zhou Dynasty (1227 B.C.)

and ended within a couple decades after the Republic of China was established. It spanned thirty-one-hundred and forty (3140) years. According to the collective sins and debts of mankind, God descended eighteen fire catastrophes in the form of wars and battles, and these were called the Catastrophes of the Zhi-ming Fire.

In these catastrophes, blood was spilled everywhere in this world. To match the number of catastrophes, there were eighteen dynasties in China during this time period. To save the good, God ordered Sakyamuni Buddha down to the world to spread Tien-Tao.

In this period, the mission of spreading the True Great Tao was given to the scholars instead of the kings. Those who received Tien-Tao could at least escape the catastrophes, and transcend the cycle of birth and death if they became ascetics.

World War
Catastrophes of the Zhi-ming Fire (Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)
The third and the last White Yang Catastrophe

occur at the transition from the Red Yang Period to the White Yang Period, i.e., the transition from Wu Phase to Wei Phase. According to the collective sins and debts human beings carry, God descends eighty-one catastrophes.

The eighty-first catastrophe is the Catastrophe of Gang-feng (a wind-like catastrophe). This Wind Catastrophe is just like explosions of nuclear bombs; after a big bang, everything within its range will be annihilated. It is the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period.

Why is the Last Catastrophe so destructive?

The technology and civilization of mankind have reached its peak. Unfortunately, people have disregarded the Truth and moralities. The human mind is so deteriorated that most people are driven by desires. Debts and sins mankind collected have never been so much before.

Therefore, the magnitudes of catastrophes and destructions will be much greater than before. The Last Catastrophe will lead to the total destruction of the human civilization and technology. As in the previous two periods, Tien-Tao and catastrophes will appear at the same time to save the good and punish the evil.

nuclear bomb explosion
The Last Catastrophe? (Image by WikiImages from Pixabay)

In the Green Yang Period, funeral attires were colored red, and it meant to continue the bloodline of the parents, embedding the meaning of red. It was so because the Green Yang Period was the time for growth.

In the Red Yang Period, funeral attires were colored white. White represents pureness and clearness, the very nature of the soul. Thus, using white funeral attires meant to hold on to one’s origin. It was so because the Red Yang Period was the time for flourishing, and the time humans were easily lost in their pursuit for materialism.

In the White Yang period, funeral attires are colored black. Since black is the only color that cannot be altered, it represents the Truth. Thus the color of the funeral attires means to restore the True Self. It is so because the White Yang Period is time for harvesting and the time for all souls to go back to God’s kingdom.

One may wonder is there a Black Yang Period
after the White Yang Period?

Yang represents daytime and yin represents nighttime. As we know, the sun rises in the east, peaks in the south (as seen from the north,) and sets in the west.

There are only three time periods in the daytime. Matching the directions of the sun, there will only be three Yang Periods, the Green Yang Period, the Red Yang Period, and the White Yang Period. There will not be a Black Yang Period.

Therefore, the White Yang Catastrophe will be the Final Catastrophe of the world and is called the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period. It will be the total destruction of the human civilization and technology.

This period is the last time one has the chance of receiving Tien-Tao. It is also the “Final Judgment” as described by western religions.

Since Yin Phase mankind has descended to the world till now, each person has suffered innumerous cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, longed for the mirages of the material world, and lost his True Self.

does not know where he comes from
does not know where he should go to.

Mankind becomes astray and lost, ignores moralities, and has committed innumerous sins. Now is the time the collective sins and debts reach the peak and the destructions from the catastrophes will be the greatest.

God, being benevolent, just, and fair, cannot bear that all will be destroyed and therefore gives all souls, including humans, deities, or those in Hell, a chance of receiving Tien-Tao.

Mi-Le Buddha is given the mission of ruling Heaven and Earth. Ji-Kong Buddha and Yue-Hui Buddha are given the mission of transmitting Tien-Tao to all souls. They are the Enlightened Teachers with Tien-Ming 1 from whom Tien-Tao is received.

Guan-yin Buddha (Avalokitesvara Buddha) is ordered to help in attaining these missions. All of them together will carry out the Holy Mission of amassing the lost souls.

In addition, all deities are also ordered to descend to the world to help this Holy Mission.

They will teach people to repent
and reform themselves
so that people will do good deeds
and the magnitudes of the catastrophes
will be reduced.

The basic intention of spreading Tien-Tao is to reduce the magnitudes of the catastrophes.

The intermediate goal of spreading Tien-Tao is to unify all religions and letting all of the world know the Truth.

The ultimate goal of spreading Tien-Tao is to create a Pure Land on Earth so that the world is filled with harmony, equality, and justice.

That is why Tien-Tao is descended along the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period.

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