7. Why is that Qi-tien and Xiang-tien will have ends?

In Qi-tien, 9, 12 there are yin and yang. The interactions between yin and yang result in changes. Since there are changes, there must be births and deaths. Since there are births and deaths, there must be beginnings and ends.

Confucius said,

“All objects have roots and branches;
all events have beginnings and ends.”

Heaven, Earth, the sun, the moon, ghosts, deities, mankind, matters, animals, plants, etc., are objects; therefore, they all have roots (origins) and branches (destinies).

The flow of the four seasons, the changes in weather, the sunrises and sunsets, the syzygies of the moon, etc., are events; thus, they must have beginnings and ends.

In the Song dynasty, Shao Kang-jie explained the theory of Xian-tien I which calculates the changes and fate of Heaven, Earth, and all beings. He wrote Huang-ji Ching-shi which recounts the past progressions and foretells the future development of the cosmos.

As stated in Huang-ji Ching-shi and Si Ji, * there are one-hundred twenty-nine thousand and six-hundred (129,600) years from the beginning to the end of Heaven and Earth. This period is called a Cycle or yuan.

A Cycle has twelve Phases (hui); each Phase lasts ten-thousand and eight-hundred (10,800) years.

A Phase has thirty Trends (yun); each Trend lasts three-hundred and sixty (360) years.

A Trend has twelve Generations (shi); each Generation lasts thirty (30) years.

The twelve Phases

are named as Zi, Chou, Yin, Mau, Cheng, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, and Hai.

The first six Phases (Zi, Chou, Yin, Mau, Cheng, and Si) are the period of birth and growth of Heaven and Earth. During these Phases, the universe progresses from non-existence to existence.

The last six Phases (Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu, and Hai) are the period of decline and death of Heaven and Earth. During these Phases, the universe regresses from existence to nonexistence.

The yang increases and the yin decreases in the progression Phases. The yin increases and the yang decreases in the regression Phases.

The beginning of the progression Phases,

Zi, is represented by the hexagram fu, which has only one yang symbol at the bottom. 

As the progression continues, more and more yang symbols appear. The end of the progression Phases, Si, is represented by the hexagram qian, which has six yang symbols signifying the peak of yang.

The beginning of the regression Phases,

Wu, is represented by the hexagram gou, which has one yin symbol at the bottom.

As the regression continues, more and more yin symbols appear. The end of the regression Phases, Hai, is represented by the hexagram kun, which has six yin symbols signifying the peak of yin.

Progression and Regression
Progression and Regression Phases

Within each Cycle, Heaven is created in Zi Phase and destroyed in Xu Phase.

Earth is created in Chou Phase and destroyed in You Phase.

Mankind is created in Yin Phase and destroyed in Shen Phase.

Seven Phases have gone by since the beginning of Heaven and Earth.

Presently, we are at the transition period from Wu Phase to Wei Phase. In this period the yin expands and becomes more significant.

This means we are at the peak of the human civilization and the climax of the scientific technology. Whatever reaches the peak must deteriorate; thus,

now is the time that all souls must return to the Origin.
The Twelve Phases in a Cycle
The Twelve Phases in a Cycle

In Shen Phase, mankind will disappear from Earth. In Hai Phase, Heaven and Earth will merge together and become indistinguishable.

After ten-thousand and eight-hundred (10,800) years of chaos, it reaches Zi Phase of the next Cycle, and Heaven will be created again. This Cycle repeats indefinitely.

The foregoing discussions prove that Qi-tien has beginnings and ends. If Qi-tien has beginnings and ends, it is obvious that Xiang-tien 9, 13 must also have beginnings and ends. This can be supported by examining many cyclical changes in the environment.

For example, in the Chinese clock, a day has twelve Watches; each Watch lasts two hours. The daytime is yang and the nighttime is yin. There are twelve months and four seasons in a year.  Spring and summer are yang, and autumn and winter are yin. Thus,

we experience the cycle every day and every year.

From the above examples, it can be induced that a Cycle has twelve Phases, half is progressive and the other half is regressive. In Zi Phase, yang starts to rise. In Wu Phase, yang starts to decline.

Wu Phase in a Cycle is analogous to noon in the day. Zi Phase in a cycle is analogous to midnight in the day. Thus, Wu Phase is one of the two most important turning points in a Cycle, and the changes in Wu Phase are also extremely major and important.

Based on this reasoning, we can predict tomorrow based on today, and next year on this year. We can also infer the previous Cycle and predict the next Cycle based on the present Cycle of Heaven and Earth.

The above statements are proven by many generations of Saints through their inspirations. These are also verified by Zhu-Tien-Shen-Sheng 6 and direct messages from God. Thus, they are the Absolute Truth.

*Si Ji is also known as The Book of Grand Historian written by Si-ma Qian in the Han Dynasty.

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4 thoughts on “7. Why is that Qi-tien and Xiang-tien will have ends?”

  1. Thank you very much for the excellent information! The question I have relates to the phase of Hai, during which it is said that Heaven and Earth will merge together. How is this possible when neither Heaven nor Earth exist at that time, because both were destroyed in Xu and You phases respectively? Humbly awaiting your response.

    1. First of all, I apologize for the late reply.

      I have to congratulate you for reading till here. This shows that you have great affinity maybe with Saints and Sages of the past. Usually, I only recommend my website to those who want to deepen their spiritual understanding, with an open mind – no right or wrong – just sharing.

      The illustration is not in the original question in the book. I am more of a visual person and as such, I draw it out for quick understanding based on the text written, and to benefit those who are visual like me. Moreover, the texts are a translation from the Chinese language and since I do not know Chinese, I may not grasp the deeper meaning.

      Wow! You asked the same question that I have when I read this section. I, too, do not understand and how it is possible … logically. I asked around and the answers I got are vague too. I think we are all not enlightened yet and a lot of things that Heaven does are beyond us.

      Anyway, just for sharing purposes and for food for thought. This is just from my perspective and shallow understanding:

        1) The word “destroyed” –

      Did it really mean the Earth was totally destroyed?
      If it was really destroyed, I believe the remnants of the Earth must still be somewhere in space.
      Or is it “undergoing restoration” to its “original” condition? The Earth at this moment should not be inhabitable and in chaos … like when the dinosaurs were ‘destroyed’.

        2) The word “Heaven” –

      In Buddhism and Taoism, there are many ‘levels’ of Heaven, some say there are 32 to 33 levels all in. I strongly believed the ‘levels’ of Heaven that are being destroyed are not the real Heaven where God is.

      Moreover, nobody has really seen with their naked eyes what this Heaven looks like, and also the Underworld. Where are this Heaven and Underworld? Even in the ‘Journey to the Underworld’, it never specifically said where it is (by the way, there is another book titled, ‘Journey to Heaven’ in Chinese of which the translation I don’t have). Some say it is the ‘space’ between Earth and the ‘sky’. Is it a ‘space’ of another dimension?

      Can the above ‘destroyed’ remnants or ‘leftover’ of Heaven and Earth merge? I think only God knows or has the answers … or when you and I are enlightened. Just like in the Old Testament in Bible Genesis 1:1-13, God just says, “Let there be _____” and it is done. How did God do it? It is beyond us.

      Thanks for reading Oleg and taking the time to read. I hope my explanations do not confuse you.

      May you be well, happy, and prosperous.
      K.L. Chang

      1. Dear K.L. Chang, thank you for taking time to respond and no need to apologise for the time taken: the response is gratefully received. I like your explanation, however the simpler one might be that Heaven and Earth being ‘destroyed’ mean that they are no longer available to serve humankind as we know them today, i.e. there function to support humankind is not there anymore . This makes sense then, as after merging and ‘re-booting’ both Heaven and Earth will become available yet again to host the humankind, hopefully with better outcome 🙂 Thank you for creating an excellent and informative website. Kind regards, Oleg

      2. Hi, Oleg.

        Thanks for your kind understanding and gracefulness. I, too, like your simpler explanation, clear and to the point … I love it.

        Thank you for taking the time to read and also sharing. I am happy that you like the website and hope you will enjoy the rest.

        All the best and kind regards,
        K.L. Chang

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